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  • LightDash



  • Nazzareno

    Yay! Thx a lot for this!

  • elephantatech

    from the bottom of my heart really thank you

  • blazer003

    Great, except one thing. It needs an "Application" screen with shortcuts that are good throughout the entire program. Such as the F1-12 keys and which screen they bring up. I never remember which does which, so I just click on them! Seeing this inspired me to actually look them up again, but it would be great to have an application wide section too! Also, color coded Ctrl, Alt and Shift highlights for which key modifies which would be cool too, but with that said, great work though, this really is so nice just the way it is!

    • blazer003

      Nevermind, I spoke too soon. It's in a section called "window," duh. Excuse my stupidity. And part of the reason I couldn't remember which did which, is I forgot you had to hold shift! This thing is helping already!

  • Brian Lockett

    Great reference! This will definitely a staple aid for newcomers to Blenders and introducing the new hotkeys in Blender 2.66 in general.

  • scadoo82

    This is awesome. Nice work setting that up! Sometimes I still need to come back for reference for hot keys I mistaken and forgot, but for sure a great tool for beginners and anytime you need to remember some you may have forgotten, and the fact it is interactive. Very cool! :)

  • Lockal

    There is a pro version of blender keymap:

    It includes every possible combination (ctrl, alt, shift, ctrl+shift, ctrl+alt, shift+alt, ctrl+shift+alt). It is insane, but blender has many secrets in it.

    • LightDash

      Hi Lockal, Thank You VERY MUCH for this

      and i agree, blender has many secrets in it, that´s terrible but we need to know on how to discover them and that´s the question, How hahaha

      But i have some secrets as well and i gladly show them, but when i finish my works i promise i´ll give to you the best tools for knowing a lot of things, that´s fopr sure

      Thanks again...


  • CharlieCzech

    Thank you Waldo, nice job.

  • zander

    Thank you.

  • 1D_Inc

    Omg, guys. Omg.
    How do you think I use daily about 500 commands in Autocad, having just 3-4 panels, without ribbon, different shelfes and other sickness?

    Guys, you HAVE TO turn off arrows in viewport, optimise keyboard shortcuts in Blender, and mostly, in 90% of all actions, use your KBD, to get any suitable kind of speed perfomace of your workflow -_-

  • NabilStendardo

    What about "foreign" keyboard layouts? Many people around the world (me included) do not happen to use a US-layout (and do not want to use one - e.g. typing french accents and german umlauts in a US keyboard using the ALT-key + ASCII code is a reality some people have to endure).

    • LightDash

      hi NabilStendardo, i agree but unfortunately we gotta to learn, you know what i mean

      in fact, at the moment, everything´s fine with the tutorials and that´s easy to follow up, and it´s easier to make anything faster included shortcuts in this post, if you have doubts i gladly help you


    • Waldo

      Hi Nibil, I'd be happy to have a look at this. Though I don't own a French keyboard. Send me a French keyboard (email me for address) and I'll have a look doing a french keyboard layout for you :)

  • fmoritz

    Awesome work!

    However, I think some day we're going to go back to 2.49 interface as soon as touchscreen keyboards (TSKB) come into being. If and when that day comes, all of the ui functions and keyboard shortcuts will be extended to a tskb thus bringing forth a whole new level of interactivity using various touch gestures.

    I guess in the mean time, we could use our touch tablets to experiment with?

  • John Nagle

    I appreciate that someone went to the trouble to make up this chart. The sad thing is that it is necessary.

    I used to use Blender years ago, and found this chart helpful:
    Was that ever updated?

    The "hotkeys" model is rather dated. Try using Autodesk Inventor (there's a free trial deal) to see how it's done today.

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