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  • Moolah

    Nice works! Everything is impressive!

  • AnyMation

    Wha-a-a-t??? I'm only able to understand your first and last senctence in the context of this article.

  • Blender Head No. 1337

    ...What? Agreeing with AnyMation. Only understanding first and last sentences you said.

    • Chrome Monkey

      I'll take "How to ignore trolls" for 200.

  • LightDash

    nice models, please upload more, thanx 4 sharing...

  • gaggedfanboy

    Tutorial/timelapse/making-of whatever please, please!!! The style, the colors, the geometry, everything is perfect!

  • Sevensheaven

    Many thanks for this post Bart, and everyone thanks for your enthousiasm, much appreciated!

  • Talmore

    Great stuff! I love them!

  • mdriftmeyer

    Beautiful work. Paper mache still life is very cool, to the 50s rocket, etc.

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