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Minecraft in Blender

I'm not sure how this is on the copyright side of things, but Mokazon has created a 'fan art' version of Minecraft using the Blender Game Engine!

Update: .Blend download added!

Mokazon writes:

Hi everyone!

Recently, I've been making a blender game engine version of minecraft, just for fun - as a sort of BGE demo. Here's a video of how it looks:

I'll upload the .blend perhaps soon after I fix a few minor glitches and optimizations and then put the link in the video description.





  • Moolah

    Wow! :)
    Seems it's a lot better visually than the original!
    Because it's BGE and you use it great! :)

  • jrkirby

    It looks like they tried to implement SSAO, but something went horribly wrong.

    • mokazon

      Indeed.. I'll fix that :p

  • Sinan


    It looks like you're getting a smooth frame rate, are you using custom occlusion culling in Python? It can't be 'Occlude' physics objects for something like this? Or perhaps a Python voxel engine that uses it's own culling?

    But the scene is not that big, so it could be that the CPU/graphics card can handle it without any optimizations.

    • Sinan

      Sorry forgot to say, it looks very impressive! It does look sharper than the original game. I would give it the title "FPS Minecraft" : )

      • mokazon

        Thanks! There aren't any optimizations on it currently. I have a new gaming computer so it handles it fine ;) I will be optimizing it, however, along with other tweaks and then I will upload a blend.

        • Sinan


          Yeah I typed it's instead of its above, why can't we edit posts on BN?

          • Bart

            I have tested several comment editing plugins in the past, but they all clashed with the site's caching mechanism and often confused user ID's. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • led2012

    A randomly generating super large world with filters will just crash the game, even in minecraft single player, when you try to fly continuously on one direction, there is a point when the FPS will decrease dramatically, and soon crash

  • Slitharg

    Wow, this is amazing. Are you planning on continuing the development or just finishing it up and stopping soon?

    • mokazon

      I may continue adding things, we'll see :)

  • Sonny

    Good job! looking forward to the blend file.... Nicely done Mokazan.

  • Mr.Mau5

    WOW! I am a Blenderhead and absolutely love Minecraft. I was wondering if someone would ever make a Minecraft game with Blender. I know I couldn't (for now.) Great work. I love it!

  • Bart

    Hey folks, Mokazon released the .blend file. I added the link to the article!

    • kat

      You might want to hold of distributing the file directly on BN until, or depending the outcome of, the author of the project getting clearance from Mojang.

      • kat

        Hmm can't edit comments?
        [amend] "hold off *linking* to the file"

        • Bart

          I've tried several comment editing plugins in the past, but they all seem to clash with site caching and often confuse user ID's. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

      • mokazon

        It doesnt include any content made by Mojang, so I think it's fine :)

        • kat

          Mojang is the Copyright and Trademark owner of Minecraft and it's representations so it's best to at least run it past the 'owner' to save this Blender project being "Foxed". On matters such as this, what [sic]"I think" is irrelevant. Having acknowledge the above, it's no longer a defense to say "I didn't know" ;)

          • mokazon

            Well, I have sent them an email. Lets see if they even read it.. They probably get tons of emails.

        • kat

          BTW don't get wrong it's a fantastic project, just be mindful to address the points raised above/below.

  • josh

    please keep working on this, i would love to help you develop a full engine+blender minecraft game out of this...

  • elfsoamah

    why is everything green and i cant move?

    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Which Blender version do you use?

      • elfsoamah


        • Bart Veldhuizen

          Strange. Do other Blender Game Engine files work ok for you? I checked this one and when I press 'P', it plays back just fine. (Blender 2.69/OSX)

          • elfsoamah

            Ya.. All other files work fine... And it is 2.69... I don't know what the problem is :/

          • Bart Veldhuizen

            I’m afraid I don’t know either.. You could try getting some help on BlenderArtists?

  • jillian5899

    well at least we have free shaders

  • SteveUsername

    dude why is it a texture pack

    its like WHERE IS THE .blend FILE!?!?!?!?!?

  • SteveUsername

    whats your REAL Server IP
    it doesnt work

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