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Blender Cycles in action - Archviz

Awesome Cycles demo by Hamza Cheggour!

Hamza writes:

A quick demo showcasing the power of blender's render engine (Cycles) in archviz rendering.

The purpose of this demo is to show you how practical cycles is, and how much it helps to quickly set shaders / material colors, change the lighting and set the render views

The video playback run slightly faster than normal speed, but you can see the real render times in the top of the render view "elapsed"

The used hardware specs (GPU rendering):

CPU: intel core i7 2600 3.5GHz - RAM: 16Gb
GPUs: Geforce GTX285 as a display device 2x Geforce GTX580 as CUDA compute devices

The next time video: Blender Cycles in action - interior rendering

Follow my works and stay tuned.


  • walshlg

    impressive! THat's fast enough you can sit down with someone without 3d experience and they can be shown what final output will look like, well done.

    P.S. nice machine!

  • BigPilot

    Extremely impressive! Some of those shots look almost indistinguishable from real life. Cycles is a stunning render engine and with GPU support so fast that it's almost magical.

  • eMirage

    I've made the lotus flower blend file available for download

    more free stuff are coming in the near future, stay tuned :)

  • Moolah

    Wow! The scene looks very very impressive! And the demo of Cycles is very nice :)

  • Calzaath

    it's hard to type anything with my jaw on the key board

  • 1D_Inc

    Ox my God.... Thank you for that awesomeness!!

  • human

    great power and exemple.
    your gtx580 are same label and same Go in SLI?

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