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Creating Stunning Long Hair in Blender with Cycles - Training Series


Creating Stunning Long Hair in Blender with Cycles   Training Series training videos

Blender Cookie is offering a new tutorial on hair rendering. This one is part of their Citizen programme.

Jonathan Williamson writes:

Blender 2.66 has been released and with it Cycles’ strand-rendering for hair. Creating hair, particularly long hair, has always been very difficult but with the addition of hair-support in Cycles the process of rendering hair is much easier and much more realistic.

Learn how to create stunning hair for your characters in Blender through this complete training series by Kent Trammell. The training series is available as a part of the CG Cookie Citizen membership, available for $10/month.


  • winnertakesteve

    Best hair I've seen come out of blender, and not just for the cycles shader. The shaping and styling is spectacular! Looks like a great tutorial series. Now I just wish we could get proper hair collision dynamics for long hair (I've used negative force fields on past projects, but it's very fiddly)

  • shahCreative

    some of the best blender hair i've seen.

  • LightDash

    i really appreciate your work, thank you for everything, hope coming soon more tips, Hugs...

  • Brian Lockett

    Welp, time to become a Citizen.

  • Anuga

    Looks amazing! talking about hair, more and more movies and games have implanted hair systems, this kind of reminds me of the TressFX system used in the new Tomb Raider =)

  • Blendiac

    Looks absolutely gorgeous! Even without a membership, it's great to see that Blender is capable of this.