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Tree Add-on


Michel Anders presents a new tree add-on.

Michel Anders (varkenvarken) writes:


the last couple of weeks I wrote a new add-on to create trees that aims to bridge the gap between IvyGen and Sapling in terms of ease of use and results. It uses an approach (the space colonization algorithm) that lends itself naturally to generating all kinds of trees and shrubs and that might be of special interest to architectural modellers because it is easy to incorporate environmental effects on trees like shadows cast by buildings or garden walls.

Details including examples are in this article.

The code is open source and availlable on GitHub. It is already completely functional (but certainly not bug free :-) and I am looking forward to the reactions of the community.


  • nezumi

    Is the lack of leaves (very few of them there...) intentional or it is impossible to add more leaves?

  • Roberto Locatelli

    Thanks a lot for this addon! Very useful for landscapes ou achitecture scenes.

  • marshal

    Looks nice! I would love to try it out, but sadly I can not access the GitHub repository. It just gives me error 500 :(

  • Clemens

    Thanks! It makes use of the skin modifier and produces nicer results for the stem and branches than sapling.

  • plasmaflex

    It is much slower than Sapling because of it's modifiers espessially when you need more leaves. Nevertheless the final result is more expressive than sapling. It does not support animation and rigging like Sapling does (althought buggy in latest versions). I wish we had a full compact nature system like Maya has with paintfx. This is a much needed feature.

  • Brian Lockett

    Will check it out. You just can't have too many plant generation add-ons.

    • Slapdash

      Agreed. Thanks for this plugin Michel!

  • cucum

    It´s a great tool, very very useful for exteriors scenes!! Congratulations for this addon, it´s really necessary and very fast to have a tree generator inside of blender. Please keep working in this great tool!!

  • Igor Leskov

    This picture looks promising because of the right direction of the leaves. I like to grow 3d plants and will try your addon but I fear to find any similarity with Sapling. Sapling is terrible. I like NGPlant package.

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