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Model Download: Suzanne's Revenge Pirate Ship


Ahoy, mateys! Greg Zaal and Chris Kuhn collaborated on this pirate ship.

Greg Zaal writes:

Once again I joined forces with the amazing Chris Kuhn to create this beast. He modeled it ridiculously fast, and then handled it over to me for all the texturing and rendering stuffs.

Could have gone for a more serious name, but the reference to Blackbeard's flagship "Queen Anne's Revenge" is strong in this one



  • Steven Shearing

    Very nice it inspires me to finish my own model ship :)

  • AnyMation

    It looks great.

    However, I have two comments:
    * The water's viscosity does not seem to be of the same scale as the ship's, making it seem like the ship is a model ship
    * The ropes on the ship, especially the near-horizontal ones, seem like straight lines. There is no sagging of the ropes due to their weight. This reinforces the idea that it is a model.

    • AnyMation

      By "model" ship, I meant scale model :-)

    • Err0L

      I agree, it does look like a miniature, mostly from the water. Apart from that it looks pretty good. :)

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