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Blender 2.66 Release Candidate Available

Blender_logoThe first release candidate for Blender 2.66 is now available for testing!

Ton Roosendaal writes:


The 2.66 release is being expected within a week! To ensure it's stable and well tested you can get the Release Candidate build from here.

As usual, bug reports can be submitted at too.

Most important to test is to verify if everything that worked before (in 2.65a or before) is still fine. We don't like regressions!


  • masterxeon1001

    2.66! Oh the humanity! I have been loving the new bevel enhancements. Its strange integrating it into my workflow especially since it requires some planning before use. These updates get better and better! Keep up the good work devs.

  • Netich

    Yes, that's why I would love a bevel modifier. Select edges and vertices, mark as bevel, and select Bevel modifier (with new code).
    It would be good to have beveled borders in render, too. I think there was a patch for cycles somewhere in blenderartists.

  • PyroEvil

    Really nice new features ! Like bullet physics , caches modifiers and many others !

  • Sender

    It is funny I have been using blender for many years ,now these days I truly do feel love for it . Well, thank you every one who has done their part on this magnificent tool.

  • led2012

    THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING... single jump on blender game engine :DDDD

  • led2012

    upgrading now to 2.66 :DDDDDD

    matcaps are just freaking amazing :D
    DYNamic TOPOLOGY!!!

  • Dmitrii Kovkun

    New Dynamic Topology is great!!! Sculp_mode is wery usefull now!

  • Chrome Monkey

    Will matcaps eventually be integrated into the render engines?

  • Ninja7

    Always the same bug for me in cycles preview...Hit F12 it works ans cuda memory error in viewport rendering (since 2.65) with à 590gtx
    I have to use the intel gma for display and it all works fine

    • smithy217

      @ninja7 i had the same problem as you with gtx690. solution to your problem is the newer drivers from nvidia they will not work downgrade your drivers. i am using 306.97 had no problems at all.Another solution would be to just select 1 gpu for rendering in blender user preferences system cuda device. i had to select just my top gpu to be able to render in the viewport with the newer drivers.

      • Ninja7

        Thanks so much ! it works perfectly now. I didn't think the drivers are in cause. Merci!!

  • comeinandburn

    thanks so much to everyone that helps make this possible! Another outstanding achievement:)

  • RNS

    It will be nice to save view-port cycle rendering and bring back view port rending Curve setting instead of a modifier in composite video. I hate making panels it slow down my pipeline work.

    • cekuhnen

      wait you can save view port renderings as an image? how and where?

      • Greg Zaal

        Screenshot! ;)

        • cekuhnen

          LOL "it will be nice" I read as "now it is nice that we can finally do it".

          Lost in translation

  • Prowhiz

    Started out learning 3D with blender... Something am beginning to think wasn't such a good idea coz now am so addicted to blender I can't seem to try Maya or the others.

    • Chrome Monkey

      I don't see a downside. :)

      • Prowhiz

        :) yeh right. Tell that to the guy who takes us Maya in class. Maya as I know it is the industry standard. Am still a blender addict anyway. First love i guess. Besides I wanted a lightweight 3D software and Blender does it jst fine.

        • cekuhnen

          nicely blender works internally like maya so you can send data quite comfortably between them with exception of animation of couse. but what you learn in blender you can also apply to maya and that goes for modeling as well as rendering.

          • Prowhiz

            ohkay. Got it. So my Blender experience would only make learning Maya much easier

          • Greg Zaal

            FBX format supports exporting animation just fine, even some basic rigging stuff and apparently weight paint

        • cekuhnen


          here watch my shoe modeling videos at youtube how you can do it in Maya and mental ray and look at CGCookie dot com where my blender version is. You will see how similar maya and blender are.

          • Prowhiz

            Gee! thanks. Already on it

  • render_as

    Any reason as to why Rigid Body physics are not a modifier? This makes changing multi-object rigid body physics a pain.

  • TwirlySocrates

    I'm really happy about the collada shape export. Nice!

    On a related topic I'm wondering: is there a reason why it's not possible to apply the mirror modifier while there's shape keys on the mesh?

    It seems to me that it shouldn't be difficult to figure out how to propagate the effects of the modifier into the shapes.
    Are there situations where the user doesn't want the shapes to be mirrored as well?

    • Chrome Monkey

      It's the same reason why in Blender 2.49 you couldn't add vertices to a multiresolution mesh in edit mode. While it might seem trivial to do, attempting to code it will show just how non-trivial it actually is.

    • Chrome Monkey

      At any rate I should have suggested the way to do what you are attempting. As you know from working with shapekeys, it's best not to add any geometry as it will make things very unpredictable, even if it is just choosing W-Subdivide on the default cube. That's just the nature of things... shapekeys are meant to be used on the mesh in its final state so it should be the last step of the workflow after generator-type modifiers are applied.

      Though I'm not actually clear on why it's necessary to apply your mirror modifier, I completely get that something in your mesh setup makes it so. When you are faced with that situation, using Mesh Tools X-Mirror is the way to work when you know you will be using shape keys. This allows you to do mirrored editing when you need to and still work with your shapekeys. Also it's one less modifier to keep track of in your stack order.

      • Chrome Monkey

        (If you aren't familiar with that tool, you use it in place of the Modifier version of the mirror tool. Start with a model that is already symmetrical and with no mirror modifiers in your modifier stack. Enable Mesh Tools X-Mirror using the checkbox in the toolshelf panel on the left side of the 3D viewport. Be sure that your symmetry is along the object's Local X-Axis as that is what Blender will use.)

        • TwirlySocrates

          Yes, I am familiar with x-mirror. I used to use it all the time.

          The mirror modifier is way better however, in that it allows for proportional modelling, and that it is impossible to break symmetry. With x-mirror, It's sometimes very hard to repair damage to symmetry and allow x-mirror to work again.

          I don't know how often you've tried building faces with face shapes, but proportional modelling is a go-to tool for that task, and x-mirror can't be activated while it's on (this is actually better than it's old behaviour: it used to appear to be on, but did nothing).

          Anyways, I don't use x-mirror anymore. I keep the mirror modifier applied, build the head and the shapes, make duplicates of my head (one for each shape), "blend form shape" each shape onto the basis of each duplicate shape, remove all the shapes from each head and apply the mirrors, and then "Join as shape" the duplicates back onto my basis head. If this causes the vertices to be re-indexed, it happens in a consistent way because I'm still able to use "Join as shape" and get the right result.

          Believe it or not, my work around is actually faster than simply working without proportional editing. I intend to script this workaround because I don't want to rely on x-mirror.

          Symmetry breaking is another big problem. If I ever accidentally bump some vertices, this can break symmetry and x-mirror will never work again for that set of vertices. Sometimes I can fix this by turning off prop modelling, activating x-mirror, selecting the affected vertice, and then "grab"ing them without moving them. This causes the vertices on the mirrored side to snap into place. This doesn't always work though ... and I don't know why. It might have something to do with breaking symmetry on the basis shape.

          Asymmetry can be a good thing in a face, but I'd rather have a symmetrical basis and only use a shape to create asymmetry.

          • Chrome Monkey

            Well I'm not sure where to go from there. Maybe it would be a simple code fix to propagate mirrored changes into shapekeys, or maybe not if there are significant under-the-hood barriers that make it non-trivial, but it does appear to be a real issue.

        • TwirlySocrates

          Altenatively, it would definitely be worth getting x-mirror to work with prop. editing. That would remove most my problems. Symmetry breaking is an issue for me, but I can usually fix it, and when I can't, there may be something I'm doing wrong.

          • Chrome Monkey

            One idea I just had... proportional editing would need its own "clipping" option to work with X-Mirror. Another idea... maybe it's something they were putting off until the new Mesh architecture was in place, like they did with Bevel and Knife, and still have yet to do with "clean" Booleans. Maybe the new Mesh engine will make all these things easier to re-engineer.

  • AlexanderWeide


    HAIR SEGMENTION DONT WORK. If i change count from 5 to 10 nothing change even i change to 100. In Version 2.65 same problem. I Work with 64 Bit System on Windows 7

  • jsaffari

    I like to see one day blender in every website with 3d content .
    it grow every day and better better .
    thanks all people that create Blender at first version to now .
    its one of bower full software in open source world .

  • Prowhiz

    Uhmm I noticed a problem with this blender 2.66. I was working on a model and placing the material nodes and suddenly blender rudely exits. No visible errors. No complaints. Jst... poof! Again and again. I had the viewport set to materials view and the new cycles material preview on (if that helps). I use an Intel core i5 hp Pav. dm4.

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