Motion Control with Blender and Arduino

Eibriel writes:

Some time ago I’ve developed an add-on that allows to control several stepper motors using Arduino in real time with a great precision. This motion control technique can be used for 3D scanners, puppetry, VFX, time lapse, stop motion and more. I’ve presented this king of work on the Che!Blender conference calling some attention. I hope you can find it useful and encourage you to make amazing things.


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  • Talmore

    So many possible uses! Thanks for the advancement.

  • dedwarmo

    One more reason to love Blender and the Blender community!

  • fastpathde

    This is exactly what i want do have. Blender Motioncontroling over Arduino.

    So would u be pleased to send me some more information about that circuit and how u managed the communication from blender to the arduino …

    THANX and greetz

  • fastpathde

    Sorry .. did not see the link on my smartphone …