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Molecular Script Update

PyroEvil gives us an update on his add-on: Molecular Script.


I want to share with everybody some test I did with my new molecular script. Probably many of you see my entry to the contest "Let's break some stuff" with this video:

Now I rewrite it from scratch with a UI to make it more user friendly. I did not finish it yet (but get nice result with it) , but a "alpha version" is available on my blog for testing. Now I get a big headhash by trying to convert it to Cython and get a speed increase ( 10-100x faster on many code ). Any donation to support are welcome.




  • Reavenk

    That pasta maker is bananas! Looks amazing.

  • kram1032

    That's awesome! Really looking forward to a full version of it, as well as possible offsprings that extend the functionality even further!

  • Konstantins

    I'm still hoping there will be mesher for particles some day. This addon would get more interesting uses then too.

  • Moolah

    I'm glad you're making it user friendly and actually that you're developing this kind of stuff! I'll try it in a time beyond my work.
    P.S. Yep, we definitely need a mesher for particles. Or some kind of a...

  • PyroEvil

    Thanks for all comment. Probably a simple mesher can be one of my next addon project if no developpement of this coming soon from the Blender team. I see a lot of download of my addon ( 230 at this time a wrote the comment ) but not a lot of feedback. I suppose they need times to try it well. So any constructive comment/feedback about anything are welcome ( my addon , my blog , my videos ... etc ).

  • Steven Shearing

    Its great but we really need a fast mesh/surface_creator, there has been a few scripts but for any scene but none really suitable for high amounts of particles or animation.

    So far the scripts we do have use meta-balls, but meta-balls in blender are very old ans slow, however if we could get a GPU accelerated meta balls we would create fluid quickly and handle large particle counts. A quick google search shows that GPU accelerated meta balls are possible.

    • PyroEvil

      yes , I already started to take a look on the paper :

      But I don't have a high skill of math , and I only know python. So I hope some more experienced developper can implement this king of algorythm. If not , I can try with Python and Cython after I finish this project.

      • Steven Shearing

        You are doing a great job ;), lets hope a developer becomes inspired by your work and created a new GPU accelerated meta balls.

        Maybe Nvidia will have source code examples some place, they normally have lots of information and examples on this sort of stuff.

    • PyroEvil

      and yes , metaball are very slow. I did some test today and the result are :
      - 1000 metaball it's take 10 sec to calculate
      - 10 000 is like 1-2 minutes
      - 100 000 .... I left it calculate for 3hours and they never finish

      • Konstantins

        If you'll google, you can find two addons on blenderartists, trying meshing through metaballs and both come to same conclusion as you - computation time grows exponentially to ball count.
        I guess it requires another algorithm for metaball, where, for instance, balls could be separated by voxels beforehand, and balls outside of neighbour voxels won't affect computation of current voxel being computed.
        Unfortunately my math probably is worse than yours :)

        • PyroEvil

          yes , I already try the addons for my video of "wave on a beach" test with fluid particles. Because metaball is too slow , I crash everytime and the addons are useless :(
          For me the best mesher is Polygonizer ... because it's really fast and have a lot of feature like UV's advection:

  • Anthony Pilon

    Play-doh, in Blender? Sweet! I'll have to mess around with this a bit.

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