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Model Download: Indoor Plant


By DennisH2010.

DennisH2010 writes:

And another houseplant out of my room is reconstructed for my Room-Render-Project :)

Feel free to use this indoor plant for projects :)




  • Brian Lockett

    This is a nice house plant! Consider them used well, my friend! I'll use them in a scene I'm making for a tutorial I'm working on--properly crediting you for this model, of course. Thanks for the share! :)

    • Brian Lockett

      "Consider it used well..." :P

      • DH

        thank you :)
        I find it great that someone found a use for this plant. I wonder how you going to use my plant, for your tutorial , and am looking forward to it.
        Please let me know when the tutorial is finished :)

  • Moolah

    Hi, Dennis!
    Thank you for all these shares!
    I've did something similar before and I know it's not so simple to bend leaves when it already forms the structure. My 5 cents here is to use rigging by bones because Lattice usage is quite tricky for such cases. And for fast bone creation we have the amazing addon called MExtrude. It has an auto-rig function which create bones and even aim-Empties (IK Constraint checkbox). Now this thing is in Extra Tools. After applying it you just need to remove unnecessary vertices from 1st bones' groups so it will not be moving.
    It's a very cool thing and I did some example:
    How to use (the example):
    - go out Edit Mode
    - Tools Panel -> MultiExtrude - Add Armature
    - change the name to something than "thing2" or "hueso" (1st two branches), it's crucial
    - Max Bones - 8, Skip Loops - 2 (in this case)
    Now you can grab the last Empty and you'll see smth. little strange - the root is moving also :)
    Need to go into Edit Mode, select the root's group (mine is thing3_.000 but it's not in this .blend before you'll click "Add Armature" and name it "thing3_"). Link-select other branches (Mouse over and hit "L"), click "Remove" in the Vert. groups' panel. Then go to Weight Paint Mode and erase all unwanted red places (the root of the last branch) there.
    Three branches takes no more than 5 minutes to setup.
    I believe you'll make an excellent rig for any plant by this method.
    I suppose in a case with leaves there must be a little different setup. Without IK Constraints and some other number for Skip loops (depends on a mesh).

  • Moolah
    I couldn't resist to check it by myself :)
    Rotate and Grab Empties and you'll see some deforming of the leaves.

  • DH

    Yes that's an interesting method with good results :)
    I cecked your file, and try this method at an power cable. for a water boiler.

    • Moolah

      Yeah, works nice with this boiler :)
      One thing, you've joined the AC outlet with the plug ;)

      • DH

        yes :) i think i need a Video tutorial or an tutorial in PDF form,
        but the control by an Empty is a good thing, makes alignment easier :)

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