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Awesome character modeling by lucasfalcao.

lucasfalcao writes:

Hi everyone!

It's been some time without posting anything here, so I would like to share something with you. I was working on a model based on a concept of my awesome friend Larissa Docolas, she made a concept of a rock'n'roll girl, her is name Violet. I used Blender and Photoshop.

Hope you like!


Concept art by Larissa Docolas:



  • DramaKing

    Really excellent work.

  • Reavenk

    Great work! The pose from the concept seems to have changed though from activist to highschooler.

  • Clemens

    Excellent work, Lucas and Larissa.

  • DimitrisC

    Reminds me of the girl from the Beyond Good and Evil game (can't remember her name though). Great work!

  • Roberto Locatelli

    Interesting woman! But there are something about her. My impression is that she hide something. Her eyes have a suspicious expression... A man should think thousand times before getting involved with her.

  • Moolah

    Wow! It's amazing!
    She's amazing! )) I like this type of women also!
    Great Art!

  • Brian Lockett

    Good concept and good model! Good job, both of you.

  • AlanHPerry

    Inspiring model and design. Great job on the final render too, right down to the freckles.

  • Hellfireboy

    Just wanted to be the first to offer my congratulations on the fact that your image has been used as the new splash screen form Blender 2.66. A well deserved honor.

  • Anonymous

    Good job---do you have a video of her animated in blender

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