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Caminandes - Short Movie

Sooooooo nice :) By Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi and Jan Morgenstern.

Pablo Vazquez writes:

We made a movie!

Together with Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi, and the awesome waves from Jan Morgenstern, we managed to make a -very- short cartoon movie.

Caminandes takes place in the southernmost south (of the south) of South America, a region called Patagonia. Many wild animals (like our protagonists Koro, and Pichin, -remember them from Venom's Lab! 2?) live happily in the wild, but sometimes they have to deal with human-made stuff, such as roads.

With Caminandes, we tried to prove ourselves we can deliver something short, fun, and finished in an overall small amount of time. Made in our spare time, we are looking forward to create more little stories with these characters, and perhaps introduce new ones!

More info and updates on the Facebook page or the website.

Hope you guys/gals like it, enjoy!


  • rickisen

    Really nice little film! the characters feel alive, and I can relate to the story, I kinda feel like that every time I try too cross the road...

    But the film felt a bit static, the camera didn't move very much and the grass was extremly still and didn't move in the wind. I know most people won't think about stuff like that, but it gives a pretty weird static feeling...

    The character-animation was awesome though. And soo was the rendering and the overall style.

    • Brian Lockett

      Well, maybe those details weren't in their time constraint. Remember, the goal of this short was to see if how well they could produce a short in their spare time.

      I'm sure that if they spent more time than what they were probably budgeted with for production time, they probably would've addressed even more than that you listed. Though, I didn't think the camera really needed to move a whole lot, considering the focus was just on him trying to cross the street. Sometimes a stationed camera is what you're looking for, rather than the J.J Abrams never-stationed-on-a-tripod camera look or something..

      Though, if you look closely, the grass was blowing subtly in the wind in the background at 0:26 to 0:38, so apparently, it had crossed their minds. My bet would be that they had only so much they were shooting for with this short film.

      • rickisen

        Well I'm not talking about adding camera-shakes and lensflares. That wouldv'e changed the whole style of the cinematography.

        But some simple ways to remove that "static feeling" couldv'e been little things like having the main camera track sideways veeery slowly or cut inbetween the current shot and a close up. Nothing that would impact rendertimes or "work-time" very much.

        And the grass I meant wasn't the "big grass" close to the road, I meant the "fine grass" on the plains.

  • Roberto Locatelli

    Very good! Great humour and professional work.

  • Sender

    Thats just super sweeet .

  • MxD

    Caramba ! Muy buenos, amigos míos ! :-D

  • Moolah

    Funny and cool! )))
    Guys, make your own "Rango"! :)

  • 8-bit

    Wow - Really nice work all away around from the music score to the facial expressions, animations and rendering. Lots of attention went into the details - and well polished. I didn't feel like I was watching someone trying to prove their skills, but rather professionals doing a commercial project. Inspiring!


    Wow ! Great work. I love the style. The movie is very funny and the animation is awesome. And the music by Jan Morgenstern is wonderful as always, and perfectly matches with the action. Congratulations to the team !

  • comeinandburn

    That was awesome!

    It reminds me of old Road Runner and Coyote cartoons, it has great comedic timing, excellent animation, and beautiful sound design. I thoroughly enjoyed that:)

  • Reaction

    Superbly done... but does every cartoon animal always have to have the exactly the same huge bug-eyed style? It's getting a bit samey now.

    • Brian Lockett

      Maybe that's just a favorite caricature style with them. Even many among veteran artists tend to have a style or two they prefer more than what else they can do.

  • Brian Lockett

    Well done (as usual)!

  • AlanHPerry

    Nice, it's great to get a short under your belt for a bit of experience. I love the simplicity of it, and there's a very clear story and punchline. That's what shorts are all about. Great job!
    BTW Brian, is that Samurai Jack in your prof pic?? :)

  • AlanHPerry

    Not that you guys haven't had plenty of experience as it is, of course! (Should have went and looked at your sites BEFORE I made that last post!)

  • penduin

    Great work! You should all feel very proud. This is impressive work all by itself, let alone as a spare-time project.

  • Chrome Monkey

    I've been pimping this one all over the place. Of course you just plain can't go wrong with Vasquez, but it's almost unfair how much cute the team was able to compress into a minute and a half. Bravissimo!

  • onlyjedileft

    Very impressive work! I loved every second of it! Very good humor also; I was grinning the entire time! Keep it up!

  • Kilik

    Magnifico ! very nice !! I love it

  • Anonymous

    Blown away! Great work guys - in your spare time!
    I love the camera shots. Especially when the Lama tries to put the foot on the road and the sound of the car approaching always comes and fades :-))

  • norbertoidiart

    Amazing !!
    Sensible !

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