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Weekend Hangout!

Ahhhhhh, it's WEEKEND! And I should FINALLY have some time to design and 3d print a little add-on for my iPad that I've been missing for a while. What are your Blendering plans?


  • Blender Head No. 1337

    I think it might just be a non-productive play-games weekend... I don't have any ideas for making more blend files to clog up my desktop.

  • 50lpp

    x2 experience bonus weekend at CoD: Black Ops 2 so, like the one above, a non productive play-games weekend. :)

    • Blender Head No. 1337

      That-a-boy. :P

  • rogper

    I'll probably do some more freestyle renderer tests, it's giving me some satisfactory results already ( ), I'm curious to see how it will look after some colors.
    Does anyone has a confirmation that Freestyle will be on 2.66?

    • Nick Bobryk

      Currently Freestyle is set as a 2.67 target.

      • rogper

        Thanks! Ok, 2.67 also works :)

        • Blender Head No. 1337

          What's freestyle?

    • fmoritz

      *I love how I have to close my browser/all of my tabs and reopen it each time I want to click on a link and/or reply to a post on here*

      Yeah, 2.67 is the target since the main dev. was sick for a week - correct?

      I can't wait for it to be released and to apply the renderer to my mechanical designs! Although I'm shy when it comes to showing off my work. o0

      I live by one of Tao Te Ching's teachings so it makes real easy:

      "Ten thousand things cease to rise nor fall.
      Always creating.
      Never taking credit.
      Therefore, 'it' lasts forever."
      -Tao Te Ching

      To me the 'it' means never stop creating and to always engage your work as never being done. Just like the rest of the universe, nothing is ever complete. lol

      • rogper

        Better then live by one teachings is learn to live by oneself :)
        But I get your point.
        Also, only by showing our work we can know how good or bad it is, in comparison to the currently quality average inside a determined community.
        As an example on BA people say Opel GT is great on CGTalk they say "Big deal, I've seen so much better cars already", a painter say "so what it's computer made, worths nothing to me" and a blacksmith would say "Who's car it is?"... so, as you can never be good or bad for everyone you better show your work ;)

        • Chrome Monkey

          And a painter can paint in any medium, even a digital medium, it's just a different form of brush, pigment and canvas.

      • Bart

        "*I love how I have to close my browser/all of my tabs and reopen it each time I want to click on a link and/or reply to a post on here*"

        Indeed. Looking into it.

  • sds

    Finish my character and get done with the scenario (hope so)...

  • mmoore500

    Blender Meetup in Los Angeles tomorrow morning!

  • randomguest

    Working towards making an awesome render that becomes the splash for 2.66...
    and just failing again but learning stuff on the way :)

  • arctos3D

    I'm just going to relax with a simple box modeling project! Been doing curvy subsurf stuff too much lately and it's frankly started to irritate me. I have this old radio, left behind by my grandparents, I guess it's from the forties or something, and it's basically just a wooden box with a couple of knobs in it, so I decided I should give it a go:)

    Great weekend to y'all!

    • arctos3D

      oh, forgot to ask. Care to share more details about the little iPad add-on your working on? ;)

  • mikepan
  • Chrome Monkey

    I was thinking of learning to rewrite some of the basic operators in the trunk, but I don't think it can be done with Python alone... if I wanted to add an extra option it would require grabbing the C code, is that right? For example, changing "subdivide" to have independent levels of division for the U and V counts instead of an equal number for both.

    • fmoritz

      I'm no programmer, but I'm dying to see what somebody can do with Pixar's OpenSubDvi.

      I swear, we could nail 10 birds with one stone if some one were to take the intuitive. Plus the performance gains would be absolutely KILLER! And I know we are all well aware that only a select few are able to work at 30,000,000 million polygons - tops! But with opensubdiv? It may perhaps end that and bring Blender into the Billions...

  • terencedesu

    Haven't been blendering for a while, but I've been wanting to model a pendant necklace to 3D print as a gift for my wife.

    • Utopia780

      Ho yeah..

      I'm starting a ring with almond tree flowers and a butterfly to 3d print for my wife too!

      It's the 3d print fever man!

      • terencedesu

        seems like 3d printing is everywhere.

  • Brigadewing

    For me, I need to start to create the model for a dragon a person requested me. Received the description of it and some concept art references today. Hope it works out, as I need to hone more my modelling skills, texturing, rigging and rendering.

  • Calzaath

    Guys, i used blender to make a graphic for the church that i go to!

    As for weekend plans, I'm thinking of doing some character animation.

  • Slitharg

    I am making a Darth Maul head for 3d printing. I am planning on using it as a case for a flash-drive.

  • jimbozowie

    I'm working on some architectural visualization. In my free time I am working on a Tex Avery type cartoon in 3d with that fresh, flippy old school style merging with the new.

  • zBuLe

    Going to work on Characters. Hope to get 4 done this weekend

  • Jeff2207

    Trying to animate a jump.

  • blazraidr

    I'm planning to rig up my latest car model, Jaguar xkrs. I couldn't find any satisfactory car rigging tutorials for Blender, so I'm going to adapt a 3dsmax rigging tutorial. Here's a render to show off the car a bit ;)

  • cudobhair

    Just finished a mini game project. Sadly not in the BGE, I'll get around to that at some point, but the assets were made in blender :). Next up I've an informal pitch on wednesday so I want to have lots of nice juicy graphics for then.

    Oh and I've just discovered the vs saxon hale mode in tf2 so there'll be lots of that.

  • Robynsveil

    Doing a comparison between Firefly (Poser's native renderer) and Cycles. bringing scenes into Blender... sheesh. Lots of work to do to get a decent render!

  • Sparkwood and 21

    Playing with physics stuff: liquids and fire.

  • Sender

    Build a nice original spaceship .

  • RocketMan

    I'll be tweaking the bodyshape for a high-endurance hybrid car my brother is building. We've been developing it using Blender for some time. We will then assess the aero performance using a homebrew 32-core cluster computer. When it's right the goal is to NC machine foam for the mould and build a shell. Learning curve is steep but being able to even attempt this is still unbelievable.

    • signguy

      You using Blender fluids for your aero performance assessment?

      • RocketMan

        Unfortunately, no. We needed the sophistication of a full CFD package so we used OpenFoam. Otherwise everything is Blender. In terms of modelling, the shell is less complicated than many of the spectular car models seen here over the years. The main challenge for us is maintaining accuracy with a developing physical chassis.

  • welni

    I'm going to make several images for my PhD work. That should be some kind of simple model of protein structure and channel which is formed by that protein. Good chance to practice modeling in blender :)

    • signguy

      University for me was Chemistry and Astronomy - what's your PhD?

      • welni

        Biology. But, actually, my work is more biophysical.

  • rickisen

    I'm gonna model a surrealistic metal tree =)

  • signguy

    Once all the day to day unavoidable stuff is dealt with, likely some cycling, some cooking, some beer and a lot of Blender - always plenty of learning.

  • fmoritz

    I'm contemplating making every Gundam ever designed using the infinite resources of, I'll be using Rhino3D 5 for most of the modeling since for this kind of work, it screams for nurbs tools and we all know that blender isn't up the task yet.

    Nevertheless, I'll be using Blender for nearly everything else. Maybe even bullet physics in this next release to see if I can figure out a way to drive them using nothing but physics...More than likely, I'll have to find somebody to take on that task...

    Never stop dreaming, right?

  • kscoombs

    Finally finishing up textures for a game-ready leatherback sea turtle I started a long time ago for theBlu:

    • kscoombs

      This is it so far:


      • BenJewer

        That looks really cool! Great texturing.

  • see360

    Been playing with Bullet Physics without even starting the BGE. Requisite falling dominos:

  • jimbo45uk

    modelled a Dragon .... just because I could

  • Krzysztof Czerwinski

    hello:) this weekend is hardwork time:-) since few weeks i'm trying to finish my huge collection of trees ( birch species). this collection will be released as free for commercial use. i'm preparing this stuff in 3d max with some free script, but i hope to find some more time and i'll prepare special version for blender 2.65.Textures are ready, 15 models are ready - i have to finish last 3 models. the pack will be huuuge - probably 2.5 gb for 18 models (3d max file). pack will be released in connection with one of my partnership site. actually it will be available only as 3d max files:-( and i have question to you dear friends. which format is best to export models from 3d max to blender? probably for huge count of faces OBJ is good? check test renders:
    gretings and respect for your hardwork for CG community.
    Krzysztof Czerwinski

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