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The Wizard of Oz Book Illustrations



A series of wonderful relief renderings by Grant Parsley.

Grant writes:

I'm working on an illustration series inspired by The Wizard of Oz. The illustrations are completed as reliefs. I use Zbrush to sculpt most of the complex, organic objects. I use Blender to sculpt the more simple, hard edge objects. Then I texture, light, and render in Blender.

Would love to get some feedback on the work.

Hey Grant, you should consider selling these in Stainless Steel on Shapeways!


  • utas

    awesome as was said go shapeways that looks real already

  • Sender

    Beautiful over all material / light control ! Are they cycles render ?

  • Brian Lockett

    Wonderful work there, Grant. It's beautifully done. I really like your illustrative work.

  • vanfanel

    That's some really awesome work of a kind I've never seen in Blender before. Thanks for showing it!

  • sds

    Beautiful work and result, would love to see these as rigid covers.

  • clayhorse

    As the others have said, this is gorgeous work. I'm predominantly a clay and metal worker, and am developing skills in chasing and repoussé on metal (much more old school version of this!). Because of this, I would like to go a little deeper esthetically please and ask about the girl on the lion - is she currently sitting fully in contact with the lion's back? Please be assured this is meant to be a constructive/learning question, and I have to deal with this issue in much less forgiving materials! Thanks for your reply.