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Model Download: Soccer Stadium


By MrChimp2313.

MrChimp2313 writes:

Soccer arena with approximately 18 300 seats.
I had to remove some of the textures that appear in the screenshot because they are from CG Textures however I was able to keep the sky which is from Madcows Blender Artists thread.



  • rickisen

    Uhum. Football...

  • CopperA


    It can either be called soccer or football. :)

  • lalleri

    For me its always been football. But really nice model :)

  • JeroenM

    I understand that in the US it's soccer because the name football was already taken by this other game. You know: this game where knights in not so shining armor beat the crap out of each other for the posession of something they call a ball.

  • socceronly

    Soccer is short for association rules football. It is older than the FA. The English FA will use soccer on their site some times because they know the history of the word. At one point rugger, soccer, grid iron and Gaelic football were all technically the same game, Football with different rules. Soccer -> English FA won out, and was called Football. In the US Grid Iron won out and was called Football.

    In a sense soccer is the more original name for the game.

    • JeroenM

      The governing body of rugby union in England is the RFU, the Rugby Football Union. Rugby (both union and league) is often referred to as football as well. I think football is the oldest and original name of all of those games

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