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Blender in CGSociety's Retrospective 2012


Blender made it to #5 is this years's retrospective by CGSociety!

CGSociety writes:

Blender 3D has been with us a few years and its great to see the popularity of this open source, free 3D software isn't waning. In fact, the features continue to pile up, with a new UI, full polygon modeling, B-Spline curves, a full character rigging deck and its own animation tools. The latest features include some pretty quality rendering systems, a built-in ray tracer, UV unwrapping ability, a cool physics engine and a real-time game engine installed.

CGSociety Retrospective 2012


  • wat

    that banner looks really rushed.. i had to go to their website to believe it was actually made by cgsociety

    • slyporkie

      I created an account just to say the same thing. That banner looks like it was designed in an hour by a 5 year old using Paint 0.1 beta!

      • Brian Lockett

        Hahaha! Yeah, what slyporkie said.

    • Bart

      Agreed - it looks horrible.

      • Chrome Monkey

        It's not just the picture.

        "Autodesk has taken the technology and it has already been instigated into 3ds Max and other software offerings".........

        "Instigated" instead of "integrated"? Really?

        These people can't even write. (Not to mention that their information on Blender could not have been any less up to date. Sheesh.)

        • http://[email protected] VickyM72

          Thank you! That's exactly what I just wrote below. :D

          • Chrome Monkey

            Thank you for the thankyou. Just saw your recent body of work. Spiffy.

    • Zecc

      Why is Yoda wearing Mickey Mouse ears?

      • Zecc

        Duh. LucasArts was bought by Disney, how could I forget?
        I guess I was in denial.

        • Brian Lockett


  • dusty

    Congrats to all the developers and users who have pushed Blender 3D forward!

    Great to see it being taken seriously in such a high pressure and ever changing industry!

  • http://[email protected] VickyM72

    Forget the amateur banner, how about the fact that most everything he mentioned has been there forever? He sent Blender back to the stone ages, unintentionally I'm sure, but still. Glad that it got mentioned, but they could have gotten a more informed person to write it.

  • MxD

    The 5th place in this ranking is a great honor for Blender and its community.

  • terencedesu

    Glad Blender made the list, but I agree, it sounds like a much earlier version of Blender. I also felt the overall tone was rather dismissive of Blender, like “It's a great tool to learn 3D on but only to build a portfolio so you can work in the industry on the 'real' software.”

    • http://[email protected] VickyM72

      Agreed, and it's fascinating more people aren't perturbed by this.

      • rogper

        It's hard to see when people don't open their eyes.

  • MxD

    I think that's a misinterpretation. They rather say "Blender is a great tool to learn everything about 3D, but the larger studios still use licensed products like 3ds Max, ZBrush or CINEMA4D, so learning Blender is a good start, but not enough (for the moment) if you want to join their teams."
    By the way, they have a new banner now. More professional than the first, I agree, but without Tears of Steel this time. Ain't that a pity ?

    • Chrome Monkey

      They should honestly have left all editorializing out. If they make so many errors in regards to the facts, how are they going to form cogent and relevant opinions?

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