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Dynamic-Topology Sculpt Mode Now in Trunk


Last Night, Nicholas Bishop has committed his long-awaited 'Dynamic-Topology' Sculpt mode code to the trunk. Dynamic-topology sculpting automatically subdivides the mesh where it needs more resolution.

By committing his code, it is now available for download as source code from Alternatively, you can download a test build with the new feature from GraphicAll.

Nicholas writes:

It’s finally done! Huge, huge thanks to everyone that helped out with test builds, bug reports, suggestions, code review, donations, encouragement, and of course awesome test images! The models and renders in the Dyntopo tests thread on BlenderArtists are really something to see.

Although dyntopo won’t be in an official release of Blender until 2.66 comes out in February, any test builds made from trunk r53450 or later will have dyntopo. Please check out the documentation, play around with the tool, and report any bugs you find to the Blender 2.6 bug tracker. Thanks again everybody!



  • Nazzareno

    Blender is already an incredibly complete tool for many things and next year it will be even better! :D Love it! A great Happy New Year to the community!

  • Dairin0d

    The funny thing about this "Dynamic-Topology Mode" is that it does not actually change the *topology* ;-) It's awesome to see dynamic subdivision in Blender, but having an actual volumetric sculpting would be doubly so :D

    • PhysicsGuy

      I would say it changes the topology quite dramatically. If you had any topology before sculpting, it will be gone afterwards. But I agree that the name doesn't quite fit what it actually does. Maybe dynamic subdivision sculpting would be a better name.

  • amigoface

    blender is for sure one thing from this life that make me happy ,

    it's always pleasing to see how this project is progressing

    many many thanks to the developpers

    god bless you

  • Brian Lockett

    :D < Actual expression.

    • Brian Lockett

      Thanks a million (polys), Nicholas!

  • Karlis Stigis

    Thankyou, this is AWESOME!

  • Manson Mamaril

    I've been waiting for this feature to come along as I cannot download from the graphicall...

    since you've finished this project? can you give some love to the blender game engine after some break? that would also be truly awesome...

    thanks for all the effort and have a Great New Year!!! :D

    • kotakotakota

      As far as I know, it's not completely done: when you use dynamic topo, you lose all of your custom data, ie UVs, colors, etc.

      Regardless, this is a really cool step forward, I'm excited to see what sorts of innovations will come next! :D

  • Manson Mamaril

    Can someone have the idea of downloading the source code... removing code for the cycles, blender internal renderer, composinting and focus their love to the blender game engine... you can use the new dyntopo for "dynamic tesselation(spelling?)..."

    well if that is possible... :))


  • coyoteknight

    Nick Bishop is a PolyGod!!! He's produced my favorite features on Blender hands down! Thanks a million for the wonderful work you do sir...

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