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Developer Meeting Notes, December 30, 2012

Blender_logoBlender 2.66 is already shaping up for a release in early february.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here's notes from today's session in #blendercoders

1) Blender 2.66 targets

  • Sergey Sharybin is nearly finished with the alpha pipeline refactor project. Simply said: we will stick to default straight RGBA for all (color managed) byte buffers, and default to premul RGBA for the (linear) float buffers. A lot of worms in this can, fuzzy and unclear code that needed fix up. Sergey will provide a doc with his commit about the main changes people should be aware of, and where potential regressions could happen.
  • Sergey also added support for 16 bits png.
  • Nicholas Bishop's dynamic topo sculpt is nearly finished, and could go to trunk this week [Ed: already has! ;-)]. It will not be fully f complete then, Custom Data (UVs, colors) will disappear in this mode. They will make sure the UI warns you for it.
  • Sergej Reich is working on the Bullet physics branch still. He's now recoding a better Blender compatible point cache for it.
  • Cycles hair render is now in svn, Stuart Broadfoot will add full docs a.s.a.p. here.
  • Bastien Montagne won't be able to get Freestyle ready in the next weeks, so we move the target to 2.67.
  • Note: we enter BCon2 now (targets frozen, mergers happen). Release early february.

2) Other projects

  • Ton Roosendaal and Andrea Weikert discussed Asset browsing and systems for Blender. Ton's proposal for 'template assets' (default data for "Add New" options can mostly fit in well, but should be limited for default data. The Asset browser can handle it much nicer. Docs and conclusions will be coming later. There's a lot of interest in it.
  • Martin Felke progressed well with his voronoi fracture modifier. There's still reviews needed, probably not ready for release. As 2.67 it's feasible.

Thanks, and I wish everyone a happy new year! :)



  • Sender

    Nice , well ... happy new year to you all .

    Sendercorp , we bring peace to multiverse .

  • Nikolardo

    *Begin working on new release*
    *Push Freestyle ahead to the next release*
    (other things certainly look cool too though)

  • Brian Lockett

    Thank you for your progressing work, Blender Foundation!

  • Manson Mamaril

    Can someone have the idea of downloading the source code… removing code for the cycles, blender internal renderer, composinting and focus their love to the blender game engine… you can use the new dyntopo for “dynamic tesselation(spelling?)…”

    well if that is possible… :))


  • fmoritz

    UV tools could use a little more polishing. Most especially with correctly unwrapping something as basic as a sphere for planetary-like textures. In other words, sphere projection needs an option to take into account user made seams. This is especially important for creating animated multi-layered sky domes in games. =]

  • FloridaJo

    Thanks guys. Your agressive bug-killing is really appreciated too.
    Blender is looking really solid now.

  • onlyhan

    BLENDER efforts in the effort. Strong and powerful!

  • polygonesrus

    Been using that voronoi explode modifier cant get to far with the testing ,because after 8 or 9 times testing different settings it grinds to a halt. but thats just part of the prosess. goin back to it right now. i love bustin stuff up in blender . woho .

  • Alexandre

    Sergey also added support for 16 bits png.

    Oh sweet. So unstable GIMP + Blender 2.66 will work better together :)

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