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Developer Meeting Notes, December 23, 2012

blender_logo_shinySome short pre-Christmas development notes today.

Ton Roosendaal writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes of today's meeting in #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.66 targets

  • Sergey Sharybin worked on reviewing Nicholas' Bishops "Dynamic Topology" sculpting. Custom Data layers are currently not being interpolated, meaning that UVs/multires/vertex colors will currently disappear using Dynamic Topo sculpt. This limit is not easy to solve. Sergey suggests to fix that, but not wait with merging in trunk for it. At least the UI could warn user about it. Merger could be done within 2 weeks.
  • Bastien Montagne likes to cleanup old values in code that still store degrees, instead of radians. It will break forward compatibility though (old binary read newer files). Ton Roosendaal suggests to to do this more organized, announced, together with other changes.
  • Sergey proposes to remove old compositor from svn. He will write a doc how to add composite nodes for new system. Removal will happen after next week's meeting earliest, to gather feedback first.

2) Other projects

  • Alex Kuznetsov has winterbreak, time to pick up the OpenGL Google Summer of Code project (also from Jason Wilkins). Whether this will be in time for 2.66 is uncertain, amount of changes might need more time. First step: good top level doc describing the proposed changes.

Everyone immediately went back coding, short meeting!




  • Renzowolf

    Thanks for all the great work guys and Merry Christmas!

  • Sender

    Have a beautiful and warm Christmas , and thanks .

  • Konstantins

    Merry Christmas!

  • birddog

    Thank you very much for your hard work and Merry Christmas!

  • F i L

    Merry Christmas! Can't wait for Dyntopo in trunk! :D

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