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Memories on Christmas Day


By Reynante M. Martinez.

Reynante writes:

This is my entry to BlenderGuru's 2012 Christmas competition.

An orphan with memories of his father, on Christmas day;
and that instant moment of happiness.

Made with: Blender 2.65
Post with: Darktable, GIMP
Texture references:, Scott Akerman

I'd love to read your comments. :)



  • Coen Spoor

    First time I saw this, instantly broke my heart

  • cdiaz

    great work. It touched me. I will not be with all my sons on Christmas so I felt a connection immediately.

    If I might ask, how did you get the look for the father " ghost"?

  • jsaffari

    Hi very good and very nice like last work .
    I live in Iran and see must tut .
    Congratulation Christmas Happy every day and have good day.

  • davidzerba

    Wow really awesome image and concept!

  • BjarkeDuDe

    Excellent! Feelings aside, the orange and blue "shine" on the lamp is really nice. Could you please briefly explain how you did this?

    • Elia Nicolin

      I think the lamp was just orange and the blue you see is due to the chromatic aberration.

  • Blender Head No. 1337

    So... beautiful... *cries*

  • Manson Mamaril

    A very teary image...

    (A fellow filipino here... and you know Sir Ross Tec? I'm one of his students...
    I'm amazed to see his friend being featured again here... :D )

  • graphixgeek

    Speaking for those countless amount of boys in this world who grew up either having had our time with our fathers cut short (like I did) or completely without them, this hits me where I live. Choked me up. Thank You.

  • Moolah

    It's very nice, warm and peaceful as the most of your works, Reynante!

  • Reynante Martinez

    Thank you so much for the kind comments, everyone!

    I'm very happy that you were all able to feel the message behind this piece.

    Happy holidays! ^_^


  • casyopea

    Touched my heart n_n

  • Hellfireboy

    I almost broke down the moment I saw this without even reading what it was that it was inspired by. I think that is the proof of how well constructed the scene is from an artistic standpoint. Great work.

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