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Introduction to Anisotropic Shading


Blender Guru dives into anisotropic shading in this new video tutorial.

Andrew Price writes:

The latest release of Blender came bundled with a new Cycles shader called Anisotropic.

This new shader allows you to create complex materials like brushed metal and vinyl with ease.

In this tutorial I break down exactly what it is and how to use it to create a realistic saucepan.

Enjoy :)



  • Chrome Monkey

    "Anisotropic metal and saucepan shape copyright Andrew Price. All rights reserved, now and retroactively."

    • gaggedfanboy


    • Nicholas Rishel

      Apparently I have missed something?

      • Chrome Monkey

        Nothing as of yet. I'm just preparing against the first time that someone posts a picture of a brushed-metal pot, followed by someone else saying it was obviously stolen from BlenderGuru. :) (If it's even meant seriously at all is another matter)

      • CorsairX

        When Andrew first launched BlenderGuru he was a little heavy-handed with the marketing. A certain segment of the Blender community aren't willing to let it go and carry on like 5 year-old's with a grudge anytime his name's mentioned.

        • Blender Head No. 1337

          Indeed. I would have been like that, too. He seems to be having much more fun with BlenderGuru now; you can tell in his voice compared to his older tutorials!

  • Chrome Monkey

    (Note, Blender Internal also did anisotropic shading, and the concepts are essentially the same.)

    • Oskar


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