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Chinese Comic Design

ditie2cheng1Congcong009 is participating in a comic design project - with Blender. The graphics are amazing!

ditie2cheng1Congcong009 writes:

We are now creating some Chinese style comic using Blender for background design and hand paint for characters. Here's our first issue screenshot and we hope you like it. It is a 32 pages myth story that the boy fall into another world after accidentally pick up a magic Koke can.

Check out the rest of the graphics on BlenderArtists.


  • Moolah

    Hi, Ethan!

    Looks very cool! :)
    When days are hot... in China every natural cold is like magic :D

  • pjoe

    Great to see Blender making good progress in China !!!

    Keep it coming.


  • congcong009

    thank you we happy you love it :)

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