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Weekend Mini Contest Winners

Were the Maya right? We'll find out this Friday. 16 Blender artists gave their impression of the upcoming event in this weekend's mini contest, and here are the winners!


Honorable mention: Joshua Cole

Runner up: ManuelL3D


Runner up: toki46


Winner: Pandrodor


Congratulations Pandrodor! Could you please mail me a header-sized version of your image (1000x288px)?

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and I'll be brooding over a theme for next weekend's contest :-)



  • porglezomp

    Congratulations to the winners!

    One thing, I've been having some issues with links in the comments, where I have to reload the page 3-4 times before I'm able to click on some of them. I'm not sure everyone was as determined as I was, so some entires may have been under appreciated.

    • Bart

      Hmmm yes, there is something off with the style sheets. I'll look in to it!


  • pixelbuffer

    Congratulations everyone!

  • ssamayoa

    I think ManuelL3D should be the winner because the humor touch.

    Anyway, all of them are nice!


  • Lendrick

    Argh, I missed it!

    Not that this would win, but here's what I wanted to enter:

  • LswaN

    Very nice job by all the winners. I hope that I can do an entry next weekend, since I'll finally be done with school for a couple weeks. Looking forward to it!

  • Nathan Ferguson

    Congrats everyone :D You all deserve it!!!!

  • Greg Zaal

    Next weekend's topic, being after the 21st, "The Mayans Were Wrong!"

    • Ben McCormick

      Yeah, LOL! :)

    • Chrome Monkey

      or "The Mayan Were Interrupted"

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