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Cycles: Hair is Coming!


BroadStu is working on a strand rendering for Cycles...

BroadStu writes:

Hi all! I have recently been working on a patch for strand rendering in cycles. It's still very early and is currently on the tracker to be reviewed by Blender's developers. It can be found here.

There are also a few more implementation details there. Currently, there are plenty of missing features and I wouldn't recommend heavy usage now. It's currently quite memory hungry. This thread is primarily for suggestions, debugging and tests.

It's not had a detailed review yet but if anyone wants to support me or donate to this project then just see my profile or get in touch.



  • jordi957

    This is awesome. Been waiting for this for a while!
    Blend on everyone.

  • ONiRiXEL

    kudos !

  • AbelvanderDrift


  • Brigadewing

    Phew, at long last. Hope you can tweak it out enough to surpass BI's. BI's needed of way too many lamps and color ramps everywhere to make it enough realistic. I trust Cycles will be able to handle some of those tweaks automatically.

  • darthmikael

    That's a great news! I was hoping some OSL hair and SSS scripts!

  • Wiblend Animation St

    isn't Window version? how to use on window 7?

  • aquo

    The new hair patch is amazing. Even Suzanne is exited:

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