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Portrait with Fruit


By Skaldy.

Skaldy writes:

Portrait with fruit. Modeling and texture in Blender, render in Cycles, compoisition in Blender.



  • RedBravo_Dev1

    Those things creep me out! ... But great job though! Lighting is great! ;)

    • gaggedfanboy

      That's what I was going to say :) if I were a kid it would have creeped the sh*t out of me! But really nice job, very colourful.

  • mdriftmeyer

    Beautiful work.

  • fugidesign

    I haven't seen this type of stuff for years, great piece.

  • Reaction

    I keep expecting a big, noisy Muppet to leap out!

  • Sender

    That is beautiful .

  • roofoo

    Looks cool! Only crit is the banana texture is repetitive.

  • Brigadewing

    What a stunning image. Giuseppe Arcimboldo would have been proud of this :)

  • Skaldy

    Wow !, watching images archive i found one of mine photo.

    Thnaks so much to Blender Nation and Bart for posted here and your comments.

    all your very kind.
    excusme my english and Regards.

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