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Modo-style Theme


Giuseppe la Greca has created a Blender theme, inspired by Modo.

Giuseppe writes:

Hi! My name is Giuseppe la Greca (alias GLG) I am Italian and I love Blender. I customized the default Blender interface (I changed only the colors) so as to make it perfect for my needs. It's called MOYO because that it MODO ispired. I would like to propose it as UI Theme default because it is very smooth and nice to look at.



  • Zagupi

    Tried to install from the user config screen "Install theme" -button, but it says:

    Failed to get themes path.

    • fugidesign

      I copied the downloaded file to the Blender folder in my Applications folder, then installed it from with the Blender preferences, "Themes" panel. Seems to work OK for me.

  • taddmencer

    I personally like the default Blender theme, but I wouldn't be opposed if Blender started adding multiple themes that people can chose from. This one looks ok - nothing fancy, but that could be a good thing. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

    • condar

      Lot of themes to choose in Blender already. And a Modo Theme is nothing new

      File -> User Preferences -> Themes -> Presets.

  • GLG

    I used windwos. I tried to install and works perfectly for me! I checked the .xml file but does not contain error. Copy the .xml file into blender theme folder. It should work!

  • FloridaJo

    Anyone know how to save a created theme? I know how to add preset and create a name, but can't find on the computer where it is. It doesn't appear to be in the theme folder. A search for it comes up dry.
    Using OSX.

  • liquidape

    I built a modo theme about a year ago. It's in contrib already. I like this theme too - I switch between them.

  • thinkabout

    Thank you very much GLG - this theme is just excellent - i've always thought that the
    graphic interface of Modo is very good... Now I cannot imagine that I would change this anymore! Thanks a lot, GLG

    • GLG


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