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Home Sweet Home

Robo Woman!

A STUNNING series of images by Enricoceric. Visit the link to see them all!

Enricoceric writes:

Here some images I rendered to illustrate some new models I made recently.

Rendered with Octane.

Most of the images are pure AO mode 3 (mix of HDR and Sun results), some other a mix of AO mode 4 and AO mode 3 and I think I used PMC for one or two images and by the way still mixed with an AO result. Rendering time varies from 1h to 3h on two GTX580. Postpro to mix the HDR and Sun results and to enhance lighting.



  • DramaKing

    I saw this earlier. Way cool.

  • Chrome Monkey

    Octane in trunk!!! (just kidding)

  • Sender

    Dedicated ,fine ,pieces . I couldn't hold myself sayin '' You will get rusted ,son '' .

  • Ludovic_L

    Those pics really are awesome. Enricoceric is really talented. I'm sure that Octane is awesome, but I also think that it depend on the artist talent.

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