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Blender 2.65 Poster


(click to enlarge)

By Blender Guru, to put on your wall!

Andrew writes:

Since I'm sure you're aware that Blender 2.65 is now out, I thought you may want to include this picture I made for the announcement.

It basically just sums up what all the main features are :)


  • Oslaf
  • Moolah

    Yep, nice retro style!

  • Gwenouille

    It's nice, yes...

    Concerning the top image (House Cross Section): don't you think there's a big mistake in the proportions of that lady ? She could fit into the drawers ! And her desk is at breast's height...

  • Daisywheel

    Very nice. I would like to hang it on my door.

  • mdriftmeyer

    Does it include the downgrading of GPGPU support ala OpenCL on hold?

    All this work is phenomenal, but the big Gorilla in the room is getting OpenCL ready.

  • Greg Zaal

    I wonder what non-blender pros think when they see this poster. As if we've never had motion blur, normal map support and anisotropic shading. It's important to mention that these are only new to cycles.

    @mdriftmeyer - that's AMD's driver problem, blender foundation can do nothing about it.

    • meltingman

      yes, and i think, it's depreciate the devellopement if you dont clarify :
      Cylcle render.
      but it's beautiful .


  • bobian06

    Beautifull as always Andrew, correct me if im wrong but didnt you do the 2.65 splash screen? Or is a student from the Nature Academy.

    @ Greg. Luv ur 2 work boet.

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