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Weekend Mini Contest Winners

The winners of this weekend's mini contest are here! I'm immensely impressed what people are able to create in just two days..

Honorable mention: "After sauna" by Nazzareno

Runner up: modelearth

Runner up: toki46

Winner: pixelbuffer

Did you guys enjoy participating? Should I do this more often? If so, I'm open for suggestions :)


  • Ivan Kahl

    I was unable to enter this weekend as I was away but it looks like it was fun. It would be nice if you could do more.

    • Bart

      All right! I'll start thinking about the theme for next weekend :)

  • laurencd

    Great work on these, I had a look through the entrants and they were all so good.

    I'd love more of these. I was busy with the Xmas competition, but if there are more I would love to enter...

  • Netich

    Nice entries! I'll try not to miss the next one.

    One suggestion, Bart. You could also post the results of the weekend challenge from blenderartists. It would help to promote them.

  • mstorrboy

    Idea for next competition (assuming before xmas) - Worst Gift Ever!

  • axel

    more contest please

  • Nazzareno

    It's nice to be mentioned here on BlenderNation! :D I'm following this site daily and it's for me the first place for news and tips about Blender. Thank you all! See ya for the next contest!

  • pixelbuffer

    I'm honoured! Thanks, and great work by everyone.

  • Brian Lockett

    I would like more of these mini-contests. It's a very nice way to stimulate participation from other Blender users, to promote friendly competition we can use to push ourselves (similarly how Ludum Dare does with game developers), and just to have something to regularly look forward to here. :)

  • Crouch

    Perhaps using the winning image as a header image can be used as an additional recognition for the winner? This could provide some additional motivation and exposure.

  • Ludovic_L

    Nice contest. And congrats to the winners. I do think that it is a good thing that the community have those contest. As mention above its a friendly competition and it surely help everyone to practice and at the same time have a good time :).

  • Nathan Ferguson

    I think the winner of these weekend competitions should have their image up on the BlenderNation banner for 1 full day :D Just a suggestion :)

  • LswaN

    Congrats to the runners-up and to the winner as well! Great job guys.
    +1 for more weekend mini-contests, I'd definitely like to try my hand at one of them when my school semester finishes.

  • Bart

    You guys were right - I'll feature Pixelbuffer's image as a header on the site tomorrow! Thanks for the great suggestion :)

  • basse

    a fantastic little competition.. i'd love to participate to these little things if there would be more.. this time had now time sadly.

    "after sauna" is the best in my eyes!
    congrats to all.


    • Nazzareno

      Thx for the appreciation :-)

  • Nazzareno

    Suggestion for the next contest: "21/12/2012: Maya were right"
    Sincerely from Italy :P

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