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Videotutorial: How to Create a Car


Blenderpedia presents a 50 minute videotutorial on car modeling.

Rob Tuytel writes:

In this tutorial I’m explaining how to create a car. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this video, i'm explaining how to create a random shape, the wheels and a lot of more things. Like always, i'm analyzing my model and not modeling every singel part, just to keep tutorial watching fun :)

And of course an open blend file with free textures to experiment ( 100% free ).



  • FloridaJo

    Rob in my book is a rising Blender star. His tuts are always good and his results amazing. He's got a humble sense of humor that makes his tuts fun also. Keep up the good work Rob.

  • taddmencer

    Maannn ... now I have another awesome video to watch. I need this to be my job. Watching awesome Blender tutorials.

  • barzalou


    I would love to see this tutorial but the link sends me to a 404 page. Can someone help me?


    • Bart

      BlenderPedia has been redesigned and all URLs have changed. Thanks for letting me know, I've updated the article.

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