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Simple OSL Ambient Occlusion

Here's a great demonstration of the power of the Open Shading Language node! In 60 lines of code, Youpi wrote an Ambient Occlusion Shader.

Youpi writes:

Just because I need one, and also because the AO node in Blender is a little too light, I've made today an Ambient Occlusion Shader with OSL.

It works exactely like a standard Ambient Occlusion, as you could find it in many software.



  • Brian Lockett

    Decent result! Finally, an example of the OSL with Cycles in action! I'm looking forward to more examples of OSL at work within Blender.

  • renatogsousa

    you can follow here some other examples:

  • DramaKing

    Very nice work. I have really been waiting for something like this.

  • Alexandre

    OSL is probably the best thing after introduction of Cycles :)

  • Ammusionist

    Just one small question:
    "AO Angle is in RADIANS, 1.0 = 180°"

    Do you mean 1.0 * pi = 180°, or angle is in pi Radians ?

  • Ludovic_L

    I have saw the different examples that you guys have made, they are really interesting. It would be grate if there was a site where all those great shaders could be made as a library. And explain to novice as me as to instal and use them properly.

  • Gertjan van den Broek

    I wonder...can OSL shaders positively affect cycles render times and/or noise?
    It's not hard to imagine that they can affect performance in a negative way.

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