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Krum - Game Demo

A Blender 2.49 game project by Orlin Doutskinov.

Orlin Doutskinov writes:

I'm working on KRUM game almost 5 years part time.
It's a classical, old school, hack and slasher or that's what I'm trying make it look like.

The game is built entirely in Blender 2.49b. I'm using Gimp and Fireworks for 2D and Audacity for sound editing.
You may know it from BA forums, the game topic is floating there for quite some time. it is almost ready and because of that, I prepared a small demo with a full level this time. So I need you to download it, test it and post some feedback.

You should visit the blender artists thread for full info about the CONTROLS and known issues.

Thank you and have fun! :)



  • zeduude

    wow looks nice!
    but can you make a linux binary as well?

  • Poarthur

    Mr. Doutskinov why do you use blender 2.49? Is the BGE 2.64 worse or it's your own choice?

    • mcbeth

      dude 5yrs, one guy mean "invested", I am almost certain switching would mean almost complete rewrites...........5yrs

    • Blendiac

      I'd guess that he stuck with 2.49 because of 2.5's move to python 3 which made previous scripts incompatible. If you already had extensive python scripts written in 2.49 or earlier, it could be a real pain to have to go through and modify them all.

      • haidme

        Actually translating the code to Python 3 is not that hard and I think it will be fast, 3-5 days. However I'm using pyGame mixer for the sound and pyGame is not compatible with Python 3.
        The sound system I develop is way too integrated in the game to even think to rewrite it for the current blender sound support libraries.
        Also, I think, current Blender GE is not that far from 2.49GE and don't think the endeavors will be worthy.

        • Poarthur

          Does it mean that current BGE is the same 5 years old version?..

          • Blendiac

            No, it's definitely made improvements (the fulstrum culling, occluder objects, audex sound additions, not to mention bugfixing are testament to that).

            I think Haidme's just saying that for Krum, the benefits aren't large enough to justify the effort of dealing with the other porting issues.

  • elhippiesupremo

    Been watching the videos. Love the environments. The environments are beautiful. There's a lot of really good stuff in here so far! And tons of great details. I like where the camera becomes distorted after picking up the mushroom in the caves level. ^_^ To point out some missing things so far (negative criticism) : The fighting could be a bit more dynamic.It is a "hack and slash" So yeah- hacking and slashing, The character could have more variation to his posture and form. Some more (grunts, kiais) sound effects could go a long way in reducing a feel of repetitiveness in the fighting. So anyways I hope that little critique is not in any way discouraging. This is effin' awesome on so many levels, and I bow down to your wizardry with the game engine.

  • Blendiac

    This is what one guy, part time can do with a 3-5 year old version of Blender... imagine what a team of full time people with a decent budget could do with the current candy branch... o_O

  • Blendiac

    Congratulations, by the way Orlin. Yes this looks beautiful (especially that tropical world with the teleporter gate), but even more importantly, unlike most dabblers, you stuck with this and kept moving it forward *until* it was awesome. This is what's missing in showcasing the BGE more than any one technical feature. Thankyou for being an inspiration to those of us who love and believe in the BGE. You rock!

  • Conzul

    Wow man. I've been following this game for a year or two, and the only thing more amazing than the game is your perseverance.
    I'm sure I can speak for many when I say - you are an Inspiration!

  • Daisywheel

    Very nice work. I am impressed by your dedication. 5 years! My only comment would be to separate the camera view direction from the player view direction. Keep the camera about 15 feet away and just follow the player. If the player looks around or goes in a small circle the camera remains. Only when the player moves in one direction does the camera follow over the shoulder. You can see this type of camera movement on the Super Mario Galaxy. Although I like the way your camera drops when the bow is aimed, you should keep this. Good work!

  • haidme

    Thank you for the kind words, guys.
    Although I was hoping for something more concrete about the playability, I'll consider all the ideas that you gave me.

    • Blendiac

      Hey Orlin,
      I would have loved to give playability feedback, however when I tried to run it on my windows 7 box with the latest Nvidia drivers, I just got a constant stream of errors in the command line (see the image at and only about .3 frames a second (yes, point three). I installed python 2.6 as requested, so I'm not quite sure what went wrong. Happy to provide more feedback if it helps.


      • haidme

        The 3 fps and stream of errors might be result of 2 things:
        1. You mention the first - python 2.6 is not installed correctly.
        2. The game could not find config.cfg file.

        The second is a result of inability to write data in your current installation folder. It happens, if you are not with administrator rights on this computer or install folder is somehow locked.

        Possible solution is to try to reinstall the game in a folder created by C:\Games or C:\Temp
        Or just restart the pc - funny, but sometimes it works.

        I'm still trying to think of some workaround for this.

        • haidme

          ...and one last thing, try to copy the "config.cfg" file from install_folder to "install_folder/system/" and start the game.

          • Blendiac

            Yeah, I tried that, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Python 2.6 from the /prerequisites folder, to all users.

            No change. My user has admin access, too.

          • Blendiac

            Ok, I'm going to try installing in a different location and see if that helps. I think the problem may be that I installed in it's default location, which is outside my user folder (c:/Games/Krum Demo)

          • Blendiac

            Gah. I've tried and tried to get this working. I uninstalled, reinstalled with everything (Python 2.6 included) in my user folder with full permissions (I even tried running the game as administrator against my better judgement). I've made sure to copy the config.cfg file, too.


  • haidme

    Strange indeed, the problem is that, I have access to dozen of PCs, but none of the reproduce this problem. I saw it once on a friend pc and then check it for a short time, but that's all.
    To fix it, I just need a pc that reproduce this bug constantly.
    Dont worry, eventualy I'll find one and fix it.

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