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Developer Meeting Notes, December 2, 2012

All the work is now geared towards getting 2.65 stable and released.

Sergey Sharybin writes:

Notes from today's meeting in #blendercoders

1) Blender 2.65 Release

  • Release Candidate happened last week. Unfortunately, there's a known crasher when entering edit mode. We'll make RC2 AHOY middle next week.
  • We'll check on status next meeting and hopefully we could make final AHOY soon after this.
  • Only crucial fixes are allowed! Brecht and Sergey will read over commits next week to prevent accidents.
  • No interface strings changes, it'll break translations for the release.
  • Bug tracker is at 68 mark, some release stoppers are still there
  • Maintainers should check if all their new features are in release notes.
  • Artists' help with sample .blend files and better images for notes is welcome

2) Other projects

  • Bastien was working on list_template improvements to make it's possible to have several lists per panel. Review is needed.

That's it for now, thanks everyone!

Does anyone know what AHOY means, by the way?


  • davidzerba

    It seems like AHOY means a release before the final release, although I'm not quite sure. Can't wait for 2.65, so many features I might not even be able to play with all of them!

  • Err0L

    I'm pretty sure it simply means they'll let us know as soon as the RC and final release are available.

    That's my guess anyway ;).

    • Ted Nielsen

      I´m pretty sure that in this context it´s more akin to "Land ahoy", which was a way to alert the crew that there was land ahead. In other words, the release is ahead, and the crew should be prepared (to build in this case.


  • kram1032

    @Bart: tiny typo error:
    "Bastien was working on list_template improvements to make it’s possible to have several lists per panel."
    to make it* possible.

    Bug Tracker down to 68? Awesome :)
    And any removed dependency is a good dependency.

  • lsscpp

    isn't some sort of greeting between pirates?

  • Sender

    All good , looking forward to this one . Gotta say thanks to everyone .

  • Poarthur

    Does anybody know about "Blender 2.66/67 Release Notes" or later?

    • m.ardito

      yes, i know: they will exist WHEN (if not after) 2.66/2.67 will be released. Up to know, 2.65 is not yet released... :-)

      • Poarthur

        )) I understand it. But I mean another thing. Are the main points of ​​the project released? I'v read about features of blender 2.68 from twitter (Something about BGE). And that only thinking of blender developers or real goals?

        • m.ardito

          hi! i think that what you're looking for is a Roadmap, not a Release log... all i can see is here on the wiki

          other than that you could ask directly to developers in #blendercoders

          cheers, Marco

  • tungerz

    Ahoy, means attention to all, for the launch of the release?


  • FloridaJo

    Thanks so much for the aggressive bug killing.

  • OBI_Ron

    AHOY - Almost Here....O Yeah!

  • Blenderizer

    AHOY == Hello :-)

  • Quark

    AHOY is spelled Czech greeting. We say "ahoy", written "AHOJ". Our character J preceded OJ, EJ, .. we read as english read OY, AY.
    "Ahoj" is something like a "hi" especially used in paddlers team (the very similar, like a skiing people is saying "SKOL" in Norway or other north countries).

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