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House Primitive

Add a 'house primitive' to your scene - the parameters of these models are fully editable afterwards like any primitive.

tmaes writes:

Here is my House Primitive script for Blender. Its purpose is to create one or many building primitive(s) that will be editable anytime afterwards. Those primitives are based on precise parameters. It can be used both for urbanism, thermic studies, modeling...

The purpose of this primitive is to create a low-poly object "House", editable in both its dimensions and in its advanced settings:

  • number of floors.
  • flat or pitched roof
  • height of floors, thick slabs

Moreover, it is possible to modify the object afterwards through "House Tools".



  • Brian Lockett

    Awesome, man!

  • polygonesrus

    Nice another great addon.seems like every week somebody makes a new one for the community. this will be good to have,ready made there's no excuse for me not to make that "dark alley on a rainy night", that i've been wanting to do. never felt like modeling a whole row of house's.i know u can with the array modifier,but i always go overboard, have to make them all individually.uuugggg.

  • polygonesrus

    tried to download house tools,wont install ,it shows up in preferences,but no sign of it anywhere. cant find bug tracker on its site, so i'm throwin it out there.happy blending

    • shahCreative

      Check under the Properties > Object Menu.

      Took me a while to find it too.

      Awesome Scripts!

  • sleepwalker

    Awsomeness. I've been looking for something like this for a long time now. Gonna play around with the script, tweak a few things, see how it works.

  • tmaes

    Thanks folks.
    It's nice to have positive feedback.
    There are lots of improvements (and debugging) that can be done.
    I'm working on it and on the energetic part of my scripts (PEB).
    Suggestions are welcome.


  • contmike

    That addon is really aweome! Great job!

  • polygonesrus

    the only way i can get it to work at all is to put the script in the text editor and run it. then it shows up in the add menu "house" otherwise it dosent appear anywhere. even in properties i'll keep tryin though.this will come in very handy.

  • polygonesrus

    finaly got "house primative" to load. woho , this combined with the window and balcony scripts are gonna make making houses so easy. very nice.anybody feel like makin a fence script. im not a programmer or id do it myself . thanks to all of the developers around the world.happy blending :)))))

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