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[Personal Note] - Traveling

Hey folks, I want to apologize for the lack of news during the last few days. I was in Paris for Minecon and between user meetups, the two-day event itself, the .party() and traveling back and forth, I didn't exactly have any time or energy left. I'm all recovered now though, so things should be back to normal. Blend on!


  • Blendiac

    No sweat, Bart! As much as we Blendheads :D )

  • Blendiac

    Weird. It chopped out half my comment. Probably because I had a less than sign, which it interpreted as the beginning of a tag (and stripped).

  • Sender

    And I was like what is happening , in between sleep and checking out render progress, thinking to myself ,half awake, wow this is one long weekend :)

  • dusty

    Don't worry Bart, you're entitled to some down time when you already work so hard!

  • FloridaJo

    Worked out great for Rob. He got some great exposure :)

  • taddmencer

    I honestly just assumed it was a slow news week, heh.

  • birddog

    Yeah, back from vacation? i guess.

    • Bart

      No, I went to Minecon in Paris for Shapeways

      • Michael C.

        That's considered vacation, for some of us. :P

        • Bart

          Haha! It was a madhouse! ;-)

  • NRK

    We never thank you enough for what you do Bart:) I wondered where the weekly meeting news was...... All to say your absence is noted..... No worries... thanks again.

  • Philippe M. "MeshWeaver"

    No way, you went to Minecon? Lucky you! Shapeways must have been pretty popular...which reminds me, I have to check it out /nod

    Also I'm actually playing Minecraft at the moment, funnily of the few PC games that's cross-platform XD

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