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Model Download: Fantasy Style Home

By Chrisbreen1995.

Chrisbreen1995 writes:

This is a building from a city i’m designing for a blendswap user named Shadowfoxqx.

face = 11,418



  • dusty

    I love these webgl gadgets, however, as I am on my work PC right now, it does not support WebGL, so I can't see the model.

    When you use this functionality in a post, can I request an image be posted too so we can look at this model and give it the praise it might deserve?

    • chrh1977


    • Zecc

      If you follow the Blend Swap link you'll find a small image of the house, plus a "Render/Screenshot" button... which isn't working for me.

    • Bart

      You mean they don't provide a fallback image? That kind a sucks. Adding an image would provide duplicate content for people who DO have webgl, and I don't like that either..

      I'll switch to Sketchfab for now - they do this properly.

      • ZanQdo

        An image is indeed shown for users with no webgl

  • ryanjohnsond

    What 3D viewer is that? That's great! :)

    • ZanQdo

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