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Adventure Time!

Henrique Perticarati shares a breakdown of his work.

Henrique writes:

Hello Everybody!

Some weeks ago, my girlfriend suggested me to create a 3D fan art of the awesome cartoon "Adventure Time".

Today i'm releasing the full resolution image, and a video with a simple scene breakdown. Everything was done inside Blender 2.64, and rendered in Cycles. The video was edited in After Effects, because I really couldn't manage to create the titles in Blender VSE.

There is a better project showcase.

Hope you like it!


  • stephen

    Very very nice indeed, love that show

  • taddmencer

    I really enjoy this feel. It feels warm and inviting and just really well done.

    Color me impressed.

    Wait no no .. get that marker away from me! STOP IT! NOOooooo...

  • JBurnett

    This is awesome Fredarator Studio should see this. They would love....
    Nice job my friend.... =)

  • JBurnett
  • Henrique Perticarati

    WOW! Thank you JBurnett! I really didn't think of sending them the link for my video. I guessed they would never publish it. Really thank you! And thank you all for the nice words!

  • JBurnett

    You're welcome =).
    I think it was wonderful they posted it and like it to. It was done which I think very well. Glad I could pass the work on for other's to see. Keep up the good work...


  • Brian Lockett

    Whoa! Algebraic! ;)

  • Luftmensch

    Hey, one comment: You got the bottom teeth wrong. Finn is drawn with three teeth at the bottom and a gap where the front left tooth should be (his left). Otherwise, splendid work!

  • Denise

    Love this!

  • A.T. Quotes

    May I use this as my Twitter profile picture?

    • Damiano Gui

      Second that. Can I?

      • Henrique Perticarati

        Wow, sorry for the delay! Sure you can. Feel free to credit me, though. hahahah


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