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[OS X] bBatch - GUI for batch rendering


[OS X] bBatch   GUI for batch rendering toolbox

bBatch is batch manager for OS X.

piccobello writes:

bBatch is yet another GUI for batch rendering on Mac OS X.

Why another? Because most GUIs, especially those for Mac OS X are deprecated, abandoned or require compilation. However, bBatch is a user-friendly, fast and efficient helper to render blender-files with shell support, which is faster than rendering inside blender. bBatch is coded with AppleScript and provides an interface based on Carsten Blüms "Pashua"-extension.


  • GUI for batch rendering on Mac OS X
  • fast and easy-to-use
  • provides shell output at the end of each task(s) in the clipboard


  • creation of website and freeware-license
  • support of movie files
  • possibly saving user settings for faster workflow


  • Found none yet. Please give feedback if some occured to you.


  • bBatch should work on Mac OS 10.5 - 10.8. Though it has only been tested on Mac OS 10.6


  • Tom Telos

    Thank you!

    Yes, I'm still on OS 10.6.8 myself.

    Is this for Blender Internal, only?

    • piccobello

      You can use it for Internal and Cycles. Just adjust your settings in your blend-file ;)

  • Karlis Stigis

    What happens if I have output files in compositor and many layers?
    Does it render everything as is set up in scene?

    • piccobello

      Yes, it should render everything the same as it would when you press the "render" button in Blender itself, which means also the compositor.
      Though, I have not yet tested every possibility. It would be nice ifyou give feedback, when it worked (or didnt).

  • AlanHPerry

    Great, will have to give this a go. It's another feature I've sorely missed in Blender. Thanks for this.

    • piccobello

      Thanks, Im glad it helps!

  • comeinandburn

    works great thanks!

    Is there a way to use this as a batch network renderer?

    • piccobello

      Thats a topic I am interested as well, Ill investigate in that!

  • Ron Proctor

    Sweet. I've been making my students use some command line scripts for batch rendering. This might be a little friendlier.

    • piccobello

      Great, I hope it will be helpful for your students.
      After successful rendering, the render commands are pasted into the clipboard, so you can still teach them the commanda afterwards :)

  • ceroe

    I've tried version 1.0 and get the error message "No such file or directory" when trying to link to the blender app. I just downloaded version 1.0a and still get the same error. I'm using OSX 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro. Any ideas? I sure would like to try this out.

    • ceroe

      Version 1.02a that is.

      • piccobello

        Can you describe the problem a bit more in detail?
        Did you rename the blender directory/appication?
        What does your output says (error message/clipboard)?

        • ceroe

          In the bBatch GUI, when I click "Choose" and go to a file with a blender app in it, the app is grayed out. I have several blender versions in different files and all are grayed out when I browse to their file. I then choose the file, choose the blender file, click "Batch Render", and get the error message. I also have a version in my Applications folder and tried leaving the "/Applications/blender/" but get the same error message. In this case it says "sh: /Applications/blender/ No such file or directory"

          • piccobello

            Thanks! I have fixed that, it should work now

          • ceroe

            Works great now. Thank you! Test render was 9% faster on my 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo. Can this only be used with CPU? My older Intel dual graphics cards will only GPU render some of the shaders. Luxrender can use both of them with no issues.

            Thank you again!

          • piccobello

            It should work, when you set the GPU settings in the blend-file, though I couldnt test it as GPU-rendering is not fully supported with my Graphics Card

          • piccobello

            ...and you are welcome :)

    • ervator

      I have the same problem, and i'm on a mac pro with mountain lion.

      • ervator

        Thanks Piccobello ! The new version solved this issue for me too !

        • piccobello

          You are welcome :)

  • elabx

    Great tool! Thanks!

    I think it would be a nice feature to be able to load several .blend files to render one after another. Or is this accomplished by some other way?

    • ervator

      OOOh yes !! I'm looking forward for this for so many years !!
      A simple, non networking way to launch several render ! Hop Bbatch will afford this possibility !

    • piccobello

      Thanks, great idea!
      I am currently porting bBatch to Xcode (AppleScriptObjc).
      As soon as I have everything done I will try to inclue that feature

  • piccobello

    bBatch 1.03 beta release
    - ported to Xcode (AppleScriptObjc)
    - fancy custom user interface (see post #1)
    - option to copy shell output to clipboard
    - added tool to stop background processes
    - added progress bar

  • AlanHPerry

    I'm just this very minute testing this with OSX 10.7.5 and Blender 2.64a, seems to be working great! Might be cool if there was an override button for frame start to end so that it just takes whatever is set up in the file. And yes, my vote is for the ability to add more files, presumably,eventually, that's the ultimate goal of a batch renderer anyway? :) Thanks for the great work.

    • AlanHPerry

      Also, if you make a duplicate of the bbatch folder, it will render another file if you open another copy of the app. I have two renders going a the minute. Cool!

      • piccobello

        Thanks, Im currently working on version 1.04 which will bring new cool features, preferences and update notifications. Probably I will add the "take frames from file" also in 1.04.
        Multiple file select will hopefully follow in 1.05 ;)

        • piccobello

          I guess it will be done at the weekend

  • piccobello

    bBatch 1.04 changelog

    Important: This update includes an update notifier. Get this version to stay up-to-date for the rest of your time

    - added tools and preferences window
    - custom settings can now be saved
    - added console window (to get Shell Output)
    - added error messages
    - added update system and notifications
    - added window animations


  • Nazzareno

    thank you so much for this great tool! :D I'm really waiting for the possibility to render multiple files or scenes so that I can launch the renders during the night. Any idea of when this feature could be available?

  • jimbo45uk

    This is very useful, BUT it cannot handle scenes above 999 frames of animation for some reason, if you put in the number (such as 1234) it puts a comma in the window and renders one frame only. If this was fixed it would be fantastic :) Thanks for the hard work.

  • piccobello

    I hadnt had much time for development until now, so I guess it wont take long (I hope) to get batching finally into it, but I cant promise anything - its done, when its done ;)

    Thanks for the bug report, I know what causes it and will provide an update tomorrow!