Model Download: CoinRig

By Sakari Niittymaa.

Sakari writes:

This is my little experimental blender riggin test for the rolled coin. Just want to share this CoinRig if someone find it useful. It’s not perfect but maybe it can inspire someone :)


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  • Reavenk

    That’s pretty slick.

  • elersong

    Wow. Great work, Sakari! I hadn’t even thought of rigging a coin. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • unitedfilmdom

    That is such a practical and Useful rig. Really good work, well done.

  • Karlis Stigis

    Nice. :)

  • Ron Proctor

    Can you recommend any resources for learning how to make the control rig? I’d like to make a sky simulator with graphical, animatable controls and this looks related.

    I’ll check out the file. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Moolah

    Wow! This is a great rig!
    Thank you, Sakari!