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Timelapse: Lantern

By Jimmy Widlund.

Jimmy writes:

This video might be pretty old and i dont know why i didn't submit it earlier but here it is.

The lantern took around 2 weeks to put toghether and this was actually a request by a friend of mine. It took me alot of time to come up with this idea and this project was quite smooth sailing :)
Ask in the comments on what you want a timelapse on next.

Download the model here.


  • Benmart

    You took this from BlenderGuru

    • Chrome Monkey

      Never ever model anything seen in a BlenderGuru scene :) Which one day will include everything in the known universe.

    • Moolah

      Then I can say:
      Hey, Andrew Price! I modeled almost the same lantern before you! So, you took this model of me! :D
      LOL :)

      • Chrome Monkey

        Post of the year!

      • Chrome Monkey

        Also, good showreel Moolah.

        • Moolah

          Thanks! :D

      • Daisywheel

        I watched the video and Jimmy Widlund builds the lantern from scratch using a 2D image as a reference. I have to say your lantern looks good too.

        • Moolah

          Jimmy builds from scratch it's surely!
          I'm just LOLing on such people who can't stand against their mind complexes.

  • fabicoro
    • Chrome Monkey

      You know, whenever someone does a model with good topology people don't say "you copied that topology from Jonathan Williamson." When they do a fluid simulation, they don't say "You ripped off Mike Pan." This meme about Price really needs to go away.

      • redbyte

        Is it really a meme though? lol

        The reason so many people are calling out the original artist is that it's the exact same lantern, with the exact same materials as my tutorial. Which is perfectly fine to do by the way! I create tutorials so that people can copy them obviously :)

        However, it's considered good etiquette to quote the author. Not because he/she will be annoyed if you don't, but when people [inevitably] point out the tutorial you followed, you immediately discredit yourself as an artist.

        This happens on other tutorial websites too. People that use VideoCopilot's tutorials and try to pass it off as their own creations are frequently called out on.

        Be safe. Quote the tutor. The cg industry is far too small for it to go unnoticed.

        • Chrome Monkey

          Moolah and Stokke said he did model the lantern from a reference image prior to the tutorial even being made, maybe they were lying, who knows.

          • Moolah

            hmm... Actually, guys, who cares? :)
            Andrew, I really like your tuts but that one I had skip because I made my lantern earlier for a game project. So I even don't remember how those ref. images looks like. So it's not about a question "do I lie here or not?" Few days after Bart will make another article about some great render or a timelapse... Month will pass and nobody will remember this strange chat here :)
            P.S. I was disconnected from Internet for about 4 days.

        • Chrome Monkey

          For my part, I am playing it safe and avoiding all tutorials. It may be overkill, but when I work hard to develop a shader from scratch I want to be able to say without any fear of contradiction that it was my own trial and error, even if someone else has developed a shader that looks the same or has similar parameters. I feel that the only way I can protect myself from accusations is to strictly avoid the tutorials and muddle through on my own.

        • Moolah

          I'm sure that commented and explained tutorials like yours works much better than timelapses. I personally use timelapses mainly for inspiration. Very rarely for getting some technical tips.

  • stokke

    Nice work - got some good modelling tips from this.

    I guess the ones claiming you ripped off Blenderguru actually haven't seen your video. This video shows the modelling of the lantern using a reference image - and as far as I can remember, Blenderguru's tutorial is all about texturing.

    I don't like the idea, that someone can't model a lantern because someone else once used a simular lantern in a tutorial. That would be the same as if somebody patented a rectangle with rounded corners - silly...

    • Chrome Monkey

      You mean like Apple did? ;o)

    • Chrome Monkey

      (Or the classic joke about Metallica trying to copyright the following of an E chord with an F chord!)

  • Slitharg

    Very Good, thanks for sharing this video. I got some tips from this as well.

  • polygonesrus

    mabye i should ask andrew instead. for a timelapse that is.Ooops,Is that not politicly correct.So sorry. GREAT TUT. Ha , now thats sarcasim

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