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Indigo Renderer 3.4 Released, Blender Exporter Updated


Indigo's latest version comes with a massive performance upgrade in its Blender exporter.

Nicholas Chapman writes:

I am pleased to announce the release of Indigo Renderer 3.4!

Indigo 3.4 brings several major new features to the visualisation professional's toolkit, including the ability to render with section planes and orthographic cameras. Performance and convergence speed is greatly improved and IES support has been overhauled.

Read more about the other exciting features and improvements here.

We have also done a lot of work on the Blender exporter (Blendigo). The export speed is 3x or more faster in a lot of cases.

You can view the full 3.4 Blendigo changelog here.


  • Elia Nicolin

    I'm glad there is a trial version!

  • davidzerba

    YES!!! This looks awesome! Such great speed improvements!

  • Ludovic_L

    Hello. We do not hear the name of that renderer often. But I cannot denny that the renders on its website are really of great quality and can compete with the best out there. But because of its price for a lot of Blender uses as for me, its just out of reach.

  • DramaKing

    I used to use Indigo when it was free. It gave great results, and it's unfortunate that I can't afford it now.

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