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Tutorial: Architectural Modeling

Rob Tuytel takes 45 minutes to dive into architectural modeling with Blender.

Rob writes:

Design your own office building and make that looks photorealistic. Learn the basics of exterior architecture modeling in cycles.

If you know how to build a simple basic building/model and put the right textures on it with some cool reflections, it's just a small step to make that super great dream building you always wanted to create.

This is a 40 minutes tutorial, and i will explain how to create:

  • Window frames
  • create the base model
  • Glass shaders
  • Sky reflections
  • Street furniture

Basics of blender are required, but in fact this is not a very hard scene to create. I put all the textures together and there is a blend file available of course. Some textures are mine, but some are from cg textures. Of course my textures are free to use.



  • Rodders

    Thanks for this, it look just what I need. Can't wait to give it a go.

  • bohling

    The link is dead? So soon!

    • Bart

      Sheesh! I'll contact Rob and ask him to fix it.

  • modelearth

    sorry, data will be back in 1 or 2 hours :)

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