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A Painterly Look with the Blender Compositor


Rylan Wright describes a compositor technique to achieve a 'painted' effect.

Rylan writes:

After being inspired by the "painting with polygons" technique about a year ago, I thought about doing a painterly, crayon, or watercolor type rendering with the compositor displace nodes,canvas images and procedural textures.

The rough edges are part of the render when you shift + BKey in camera view and boarder the image. I figured this out by trail and error with just the mind set of "I know Blender could do this."

Here is a tutorial on the node setup if other blender users are interested.



  • Gertjan van den Broek

    If you could figure out how to retain your edges a bit more I'd be interested. Right now it looks more like it was either washed out, or painted by a very drunk artist.

    • ronin

      Thanks for taking the time to look.
      You might get what your looking for if Texture size is increased.
      I personally like the low noisy,unstable,wobbly,crayon edges look.
      And every now and then, I am a very drunk(Kids don't try this) painter artist.

  • Sonny

    I like what you've achieved, quite usable with lots of scope. Thanks for sharing.

  • sleepwalker

    I'm impressed. I'm really into the whole NPR thing and have made great strides in understanding the freestyle render and how to implement a pencil shader in Blender. This is something I'll definitely have to look into. Thanks dude.

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