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Goldfish Man

Goldfish Man is not very smart.

Richard Lyons writes:

We recently completed a commercial for the Electronics chain "Expert in Sweden. The story tells a simple tale about a Goldfish man who goes in to an electronics boutique to buy a smartphone. If only he could remember why he was there!

All modelling, rigging animation was carried out and rendered in Blender internal.

We are using Blender more and more in pro productions, and whilst we used Blender internal for the Goldfish we are trying to get into using Cycles in production.

Check out more work at our site


  • stephen

    Wow. very very slick, good job chaps

  • BakkerTom

    That's amazing!

  • BenjaminWall

    Wow that looks good! Sad that expert has gone bankrupt :(

  • wat

    what is the difference between diffuse and color maps?

    • Enzio

      'Color' shows just color of the surface without any light calculation
      'Diffuse' shows the surface with lighting, brightness and color are dependent on the lighting

  • sleepwalker

    I'm using multiple passes for my own project, but I got to admit I'm impressed how you took all these passes and recombined them. Phenomenal.

  • Tamás Márton

    Great animation and concept, the facial expressions match exactly the voice.

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Man I love it! I keep watching it in loop mode... It's freaking hilarious!

    It's a piece of work that transcends the meaning of the speech. The timing is perfect the fish expressions are so convincing... Also the contrast between the girl and the fish adds a lot.

  • comeinandburn

    this is absolutely amazing. I agree with what's already been said, the comedic pacing is awesome.

    The cg is very professional, great job on the shaders!! Post more of your work in the future.

  • birddog

    HAHA hmmm.
    Good funny
    How about breakdown?

  • Matt Mump

    I would like to know why they used or switched on this to blender?
    Switching to another (rather unusual) software in a professional workflow can cause various problems.

    • jiggymoon

      Hi Matt.
      Fair enough question. The truth is whilst we do quite large productions we are a very small company (5 employees and freelancers when needed). Whilst a lot of the freelancers we bring in along with some of the inhouse 3D guys are using other 3D software, as I took this project on alone and have been a loyal Blender user for several years, I decided it would be fair game to give it a shot. As I was also responsible for the comp I could pretty much work my own pipeline and not get hung up on those usual (what I think can be unnecessary practices).
      Sometimes less is more. =)
      Thanks everyone else for your generous comments. Look forward to posting more work in the future.

  • martin_lindelof

    nice cool work! didn't know there where dudes at redrum using blender! cool :P

  • sezin tugen

    I can't seem to get into the website of redrum. I would love to ask some questions. Is there a way to contact you?

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