Perun Class Destroyer

By Chris Kuhn and Jack Herman.

Jack writes:

Hey, we are recently done with cooperative work on a huge space destroyer. It’s kind of interesting since it looks hot and it’s unwrapped 400k poly model. We so far posted some essential info and pictures on BlenderArtists. Hope you guys will be interested :)

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  • Sender

    Looks fantastic ,great work . Oh yes by the way at TS, in forms you should mention this so ,first hand you can collect some stars :)
    Again it is one awesome ship , soon as I am done with the fountain pen collection I would love to go back to SCIFI theme :)

    Sendercorp , we bring peace ,to multiverse .

  • MxD

    I like this very much !!! Very wel done guys! Impressive ànd realistic ! Bravo !

  • MxD

    Also space is very well done ! HOW did you do that ?