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  • Brian Lockett

    Nice breakdown. And again, nice result. ;)

    • Beniamino

      Thank you, this is the easier one. The other scenes of the trailer are very complex, so I'll need a lot of time to complete their breakdowns!

  • AndyTake2

    Short breakdowns like this are perfect for showing that there are many steps and lots of work in even the shortest of clips.
    I am a complete beginner, but like many I look at some things and think 'Wow - I'm going to have a go at something like that'
    And then I end up doing a bit of sculpting that makes Suzanne look like a constipated bulldog :)

  • Chaos

    It's saaad, because this makes me remind when I published the second version for my video, a totally new concept, and was rejected to be posted on BlenderNation just because "the old video was posted before", and that first one was horrible compared to the new one. A complete no sense because I always see videos like this reposted everytime showing the same tools over and over again, and showing the same artwork everytime. Sad.

  • amcam

    Is there a guide on how to use color correction, glow, lens distortion, etc and whatever it takes to make a model look real in a scene ?

    • Beniamino

      I don't know... I've followed a lot of Andrew Price's tutorials on You can find good infos about nodes there. And then you have to make a lot of practice!

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