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Model Download: Anime Character Rendering Test

By Daniel Kreuter.

Daniel writes:

Hey guys,

since a while I’m trying to create characters in a style close to anime. It is quite hard and those of you who have tried it before should know what I mean. This try is my best one so far. I thought I should share it because especially in this field of cg there is almost no english documentation at all… I hope you can learn something from this file. If you have any advices for me please let me know. Also if anyone wants to try to get closer to the perfect image together or if there is something else you want to show me regarding this just send me a mail (dani.kreuter[at]gmail[dot]com) or write me a comment.

Sorry about the large file size. The included textures are quite large.



  • Reynante Martinez

    Hey, Daniel. Nice anime character test! I'm loving it, man. Now all I have to do is to grab this baby and do the tests myself.

    Thanks for sharing. :)


  • Moolah

    Daniel, the render looks fantastic! Like it was drawn by hand!
    Thanks a lot for share! I'll try it now.

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