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Creating a Realistic Head in Blender

An 11-part video tutorial by Blender Cookie on the creation of a human portrait.

Kent Trammell writes:

This is a in-depth tutorial series explaining the creation of a realistic human portrait with Blender. The entire process will be covered from base mesh modeling, detail sculpting, texture painting, hair growing and styling, sub-surface scatter shading, and compositing. Some of the more time-consuming tasks will be time-lapses with commentary like modeling, sculpting, and texture painting; the other parts will be mostly real-time.



  • rickisen

    Really amazing tutorial. Very easy to follow but still extremely in depth. And his end result is truly awesome. I'm really curious to see some work from the followers of theese tutorials.

  • l3clara

    Super awesomeness!
    His sigh is incredible, just like a real math teacher naiveness and geniality for possing for a photo
    And with a tutorial, really cool!

  • F i L

    Probably the best Blender tutorial I've ever seen. Thank a lot!

  • Brian Lockett

    Man, the Blender Cookie tutorials just keep getting better and better, I tell you.

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