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Model: Clone Troopers

By hjmediastudios.

hjmediastudios writes:

A selection of Star Wars clone troopers in a Lego-like style. Each little plastic death machine is fully rigged and textured. Inkscape .svg files are included for every texture, allowing full customization.
Units included:

  • Standard trooper
  • 212th Attack Battalion trooper
  • 212th Attack Battalion airborne trooper
  • 501st Legion trooper
  • 501st commander (“Rex”)
  • 101st trooper (shock trooper)
  • Winter trooper (“Bacara”)

Note that the quality of the final render is much higher than the P3D preview indicates; all textures for the preview were compressed into a single 1024px texture to fit P3D’s requirements.



  • Elia Nicolin

    Awesome! I love these? Would these be OK to use in animations if I were to credit you?

  • Elia Nicolin

    I meant: I love these! not: I love these?.... sorry, just had to edit that.

  • Chrome Monkey

    Hmm, when I load up the animation, the thumbnail shows full colors but the interactive animation is completely in shadow. (using Google Chrome)

    • Chrome Monkey

      okay, got colors back by going to shadeless.

  • harryabreu

    Hi sorry for my question but what technology you use for this kind of interactive on a browser?

    • ZanQdo
      • harryabreu

        Is this HTML 5 ? Sorry for boring I just think is it possible to do in home...

  • PickleJones

    Cool Models! These LEGO _____ seem like a popular topic for modelling for simplicity but you've done a great job with them. It seems like there is a missing node group file which applies to the helmet material... Any chance you could re-upload the blendswap with that file? I've never used external node groups... Need to learn how that's done.

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